Handmade Ornaments–a Holiday Tradition

I love creating things by hand.  Handmade ornaments in particular are my favorite.  Every year my family has to make an ornament to bring to my mom’s side Christmas party.  You see – there are over 100 people in the family so instead of exchanging presents, we all bring an ornament that we made.  We use the ornaments during the party to decorate the tree.  At the end of the party you pick a name and that person gets to take home your ornament.  We’ve been doing this for years and it’s one of my absolute favorite traditions.

This year, I became obsessed with making one ornament in particular.
The ‘Ho Ho Sew’ ornament by Betz White.  These are fun, fast and easy to make and seriously, how adorable are they!  You still have plenty of time to make one (or nine) before Christmas – just get the pattern HERE

I also spend a lot time at gymnastics and the coach had brought in a bunch of pine cones from her yard. 

I saw this picture on pinterest …
pinecone owls
and these are what I created. 


Not quite as perfect but I think they’re still adorable!

I decided to bring a sewing machine as my ornament for the Christmas Party.
I didn’t get a very good picture of Capri’s but it’s sort of line a chandelier of rainbow loom stars in a design she came up with herself.

Cedi made a double candy cane ornament out of slices of apple wood.

Jared made a sun/star out of a gold ball and toothpicks.


And Pip created a golf ball snowman!

Seriously!?  Aren’t these so much fun?  I love seeing what the girls come up with each year!

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