New Quilt Display

On Christmas Eve my family locked me in my room.  Which was actually 100% fine with me – peace and quite for once.  I was wrong!  All I could here was banging, drilling and an attempt to not say a bad word.  I tried to just block it all out and before I knew it the girls were dragging me out as they covered my eyes.

quilt rack

They sat me on our couch and told me to look up. 

Jared had installed an old apple ladder (100% sanded smooth and clean) to our cieling in our loft.  We now have an entire wall of quilts.

quilts are everywhere

The quilts were about about 7 deep on the railing and he said he thought it would be better if we could see them all.  Our house is not completely quilt-ified … well not completely but he said he has another ladder to hang on the other section of railing yet.


  1. What a great display and great surprise from your family! Your quilts look great!

  2. How lovely is that?! What a great idea.

  3. Wow! That's a great idea. I'd rather see them hanging than have them folded up in a closer somewhere.


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