Polaroid Quilt

I have a really good friend that I met a few years ago.  Many of you have heard me talk of her before – Karmen Lindner of Karmen Lindner Photography.  Karmen is so talented, funny, and kind.  She is the queen of ‘Pay it Forward’ and doing good things for other people.  She also happens to photograph things that aren’t what she normally does … like quilts. 


It all started a few years back when she was hear for days straight with families in our orchard during the apple blossoms.  There was a little break one day so instead of letting her relax, I grabbed her and brought her down to the place on our deer fence where I had hung all my quilts and asked her to take pictures.  I’ve now made that an annual tradition.  

orchard with karmen

She has also taken STUNNING pictures of my three girls for the past few years.  She’s such a talent in capturing each of their personalities in a photograph – it’s truly amazing.  I will often find Pip ‘taking pictures’ and when I ask what she’s doing she says, “Playing Tarmen!”


I have an idea for a big quilt I plan to make for Karmen but it just hasn’t happened yet … so instead, I made a fun little quilt that just reminded me of her.


I found the cute polaroid block pattern online. I then framed them wonkily with green and turquoise grunge fabrics. 

Inside each polaroid is something that reminds me of Karmen or that Karmen loves – a shoe flower pot, VW buses (they’re actually alien VW buses that include the words “We come in Peace”), camera’s, a curious girl (like her beautiful daughter Lu), a boy and a boat (her son Enzo), a bicycle and more.


You may have also noticed that I added a border to this quilt that make it look like a polaroid of all the polaroids! 


I decided on this little quilt because miss Karmen just got a new toy – a polaroid camera!  She’s been taking fun pictures that you get to have instantly!!!! 

polaroid pi

Seriously – this picture of Pip is just classic!  I will cherish it forever!

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  1. Lovely post - wonderful photos from your friend and a gorgeous polaroid quilt you have made for her. I have seen some polaroid blocks recently on instagram but hadn't yet seen a quilt made up - it's beautiful!


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