The Next Steps–Focus Through the Prism

Good morning everyone!  Wow!  I bet you all woke up and rushed to your computers to see how many quilts were entered into the final challenge.  50!!!!   With 50 quilts entered into the final challenge the total for the 7 month Focus Through the Prism Challenge was 410 quilts started and finished per the challenge guidelines.  I am blown away! 

What’s the next step?

I would love if everyone who participated would send me their quilts.  These quilts will be photographed on a deer fence at our orchard. 
karmen lindner fttp quilts
Karmen Lindner of Karmen Lindner Photography came to my place in November and did a quick ‘sneak’ of what the quilts will look like all hanging on the fence.  I can’t wait to have them all up there!

I will be using these photo’s to submit to quilt shows and hopefully get our quilts hanging as a ‘special exhibit’.  Since there are 410 – unfortunately, not all of them will be able to go out on display.  We will be ‘jurying’ which ones will travel in but in order to do this we need to see them in person.  There is no way these decisions can be made solely based on a photograph.  If you don’t send your quilts, they will not be in the photo’s nor will they travel in the show.

Please mail your quilts to:

Kim Lapacek
N1959 Kroncke Road
Poynette, WI 53955

Please wait until after the crazy holiday shipping times to send the quilts to minimize the chance of them getting lost in the mail.  I would recommend shipping them on January 2nd.  I would like to have all the quilts in my possession by January 15th. 

As I look closer in to the costs for me to ship quilts back, create a book, and submit the exhibit to shows I'm asking everyone who is sending me their quilts to donate $15.  This will help reduce the fees that will come out of my pocket due to these unforeseen costs.  I never dreamed over 400 quilts would be made for this little challenge I dreamt up.   You can either include a check with your quilts or pay via the paypal button below.

Focus Through the Prism Submission Fee

I will ship all quilts back no later than January 2nd, 2017.

Please go to THIS GOOGLE DOCUMENT to see all the details and print out the sheet that needs to be included with your quilts.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  Thank you to everyone for participating!

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