“Seasons of Play” Quilt

This week the second Project QUILTING Challenge of Season 7 was posted.  My mother-in-law, Diane Lapacek comes up with all the challenge themes and this week she chose to inspire us with “Seasons.”  I have to admit – I wasn’t too excited about “seasons” except for one thing … it fit another challenge I had.  Every year I buy into the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show Quilt Challenge which comes with a fat quarter of fabric and some sort of challenge theme.  This year the theme was “April Showers” and it had a brightly colored umbrella fabric print fabric.  April Shower’s and Seasons can completely mix with each other – it was time to start the challenge.


I’m trying to think of the way this whole idea began but I’m not sure where the seed initially was planted.  The first thing I did though was choose eight fabrics … a sky and a ground for each season.  I then created a template in EQ7 for for a 10” drunkard’s path block to print out.  I used this as the base of my creation.  I knew I wanted spring and summer on the bottom because it just worked so well with the fabrics I had chosen for the season so that’s how the orientation was determined. 

At this point, I was trying to figure out a way to add something fun and whimsical to the quilt.  Initially I was going to draw a duck in boots holding an umbrella for spring.  Then perhaps a duck lounging under an umbrella in summer and so forth.  My duck drawing were just not up to par though so I started to think of a different solution.  So … I went to my stash.  I found the perfect fabric that had the perfect scale people that I needed for the quilt.  It was the Sarah Jane parade fabric from Michael Miller.  I fused heat n bond lite to the back of each of the kids that I wanted to put on my quilt.  I then cut really carefully along the lines and fused them in the appropriate season.  I then realized I needed a little more … so I added a tree. 

Seasons of Play Quilt details

For spring … I added boots to the little girl using the challenge fabric for the “Spring Shower’s” challenge.  I also replaced the flag she was holding with an umbrella again with the challenge fabric.  On the tree I added flowers to indicate spring blossoms and of course a rainy background fabric.

Seasons of Play Quilt details

Summer … I fused the boy riding the bike.  I didn’t add anything to him … he was already perfect.  I did add some bright green leaves to the tree branches though.

Seasons of Play Quilt details

Fall – a little girl excited to be playing in the leaves!  All the leaves are fused on and cut from the challenge fabric.

Seasons of Play Quilt details

Winter … I had to do a bit to winter.  The little girl from the fabric was wearing a short sleeved dress and no pants – definitely not warm enough for winter.  So … I made her a coat, snow pants, boots, and a hat … all from the challenge fabric.  I also added a fun little sparkly snowman to the mix.  His hat and scarf are made from the challenge fabric.

fabric flange

I made one of my “signature” flanges using the challenge fabric.  I used a wide range of aurifil threads for the free-motion quilting portion of the quilt.  It was a lot of fun figuring out different patterns and designs for each season. 

Seasons of Play Quilt

And with that .. “Seasons of Play” was complete.

  back of Seasons of Play Quilt

On the back of the quilt I used the extra parade fabric that I had fussy cut from for the front. I  think it’s a fun way to see where the people started and what I turned them into.  It’s also really easy to see all my free motion quilting on the back … which I must admit … I’m pretty darn proud of.

Final size: 23” x 23”

Designed, pieced and quilted by Kim Lapacek, Poynette, WI


  1. I love it! One day I'm going to get fusible to work for me!

  2. Really nice. Thanks for describing your process.

  3. This is delightful in every way! Way to work through all the details to get it just how you wanted it.

  4. This is lovely. So creative and effective.

  5. So much fun! The back is almost a cute as the front:)

  6. Love the way you added the kids! So sweet and I agree - the back is as cute as the front!


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