The Splendid Sampler

Two of my most favorite people in the whole world have joined together to create something amazing to offer to everyone!


Meet Pat! (on the right)  Aka “Pat Sloan, the Voice of Quilting”.  I’ve worked with Pat on projects online for quite a few years and was honored to be a guest on a her radio show.

Meet Jane! (on the left)  Jane is from Australia and I’m pretty sure we were meant to be friends.  We both have a crazy eye for color and patterns!  We met by teaming up a long time ago for my first block of the month – “Home Sweet Home”.  Seriously – take a few minutes to browse her webiste and check out her work … you’ll soon see why we’re meant to be friends.

I was lucky enough to have met them both at Quilt Market this past spring!  It’s always nice to finally meet your online friends in person.  But I digress …

Pat and Jane have teamed up to bring us all the “The Slendid Sampler”.  I’m not going to tell you all the details about it … you can read those here.  But I wanted to make sure you heard about it.

Traditional Fairy Tale

Once Upon a Time

I’m a HUGE advocate for samplers!  Especially samplers where blocks are shared to you by different designers – in this case – 85 designers!notvitiate nebula

Novitiate Nebula

You are bound to learn new techniques and new ways to troubleshoot your way through different situations that may arise.  I use these opportunities to really try to improve my piecing skills.  I can’t even stress how much better I became as a piecer than I had been as I worked through different sampler quilt.  Also – it’s low stress!  Yes – there are 100 blocks … but they’ll be spread out over a year … that is definitely doable.

Be sure to check out all the info!

The Splendid Sampler Website
The Splendid Sampler Facebook Group
Sign up for news for the Splendid Sampler

The fun begans on February 14th (aka Valentine’s Da)!

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