Scrap Quilting with Melissa Dunworth of Sew BitterSweet Designs

It’s the middle of the month which means it’s time for some more scrap quilting inspiration! Have you started on your scrap quilt for the big scrap quilt challenge? I see four quilts already finished and linked up! Way to go!

Today I’m excited to have Melissa Dunworth of Sew BitterSweet Designs posting some inspiration for the Scrap Quilt Challenge!  Before we head over to her blog to see what she has up her sleeve … let’s find out a little bit about her. 

You can find Melissa on Instagram as @sewbittersweetdesigns and on her facebook page: Sew BitterSweet Designs.

Why do enjoy using fabric scraps for quilting?
Because I like that when I use scraps no one else can make the exact same quilt as me, it is always a unique product! I also hate the idea of waste so I hold on to EVERYTHING! Much to my husband's dismay!
DSC_0532 Watermark

Do you have a secret or tip for storing your scraps?
Yes, I have a great rainbow bin system. I made them years ago and I sort by color. Black, white and gray all end up together and my novelty prints go into a bin that looks like a rainbow. See attached picture.

If someone where to have given you one tip for sewing/quilting when you first started - what do you wish they would have told you? 
There are no such things as mistakes, only opportunities!

What's your favorite color to use in your quilts?
Blue - hands down!

If you have a picture and/or story of your favorite quilt you've made using scraps thus far ... please attach and share.

It is probably my vintage Christmas sampler quilt. I designed the blocks and did a tutorial for each of them on my blog. It was a labor of love to be sure. Most of the fabrics were from the 80s into the 90s. The only new fabric I used that wasn't scrappy from my stash was the backing fabric.

Thank you for having me Kim!


I always love to see what Melissa is working on – I’m sure you’ll find you enjoy her posts and style too!  Let’s head over to her blog now and see what scrappy tutorial she has to share with us today!

Feel free to show off the blocks you make using Melissa’s technique by linking up below!

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