The latest Project QUILTING Challenge is “I Need a Vacation.”  We’re planning on taking our girls on a vacation in the near future so I thought this would be a great chance to make them something special for the trip.

First … I used the letter’s from Sam Hunter’s book “Quilt Talk” to paper piece each of the girls initials.


Then – I went to another great pattern from Sam Hunter – the Chunky Wee Bag.  The small version of the Chunky Wee Bag is absolutely perfect for three girls going on a vacation.  Especially personalized with their initial and in their favorite color..


Mercedi loves pink.


Capri loves mint (and aqua).


Pip said she loved red but of course it turns out she really loves whatever her sisters wanted.  Oh well – it’s hard to please a four year old.


It was a crazy week for me with a sick kid and ridiculous amounts of appointments to go to.  Sam’s pattern made it so easy to whip this up in plenty of time for the challenge deadline. Honestly – if you haven’t made a project yet – go and buy her pattern and make a Chunky Wee Bag for this challenge!  See if you can do something fun for the flap to make it your own!  I promise if you have two hours – you can finish this project!


The girls were so excited about their bags (well … Pip was at first until she saw her sisters).


And I can guarantee they’ll get complimented on them on our trip.

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  1. The bags are soooo cute. Great job.

  2. The bags are so beautiful and lovely.

  3. So cute! And what a great idea to personalize them!

  4. The bags are amazing. I love their initials on them and the beautiful colors.


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