“Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot–Now You’ve Got Your Cootie Shot”–Quilt Finish

The fifth challenge for Season 7 of Project QUILTING went up last week while I was in Disney World. We had to be inspired to create a quilt inspired by the theme “Through the Eyes of a Child.”  I have to say that I think my girls are pretty artistic.  The first thing that came to mind was one of my favorite art projects I did with them – cork paintings.  A few years back the girls did mini cork paintings for family and friends using paints in their favorite colors and wine corks as their paint brush.  I decided to have them help me “make” fabric for my challenge quilt using this concept.IMG_7992

Be sure to check out Therm O Web’s blog to see how all these great pieces were created!IMG_7998

Now that I had all these great “made” fabrics is was time to use them in the quilt.IMG_5256

I was inspired by this piece.  I’ll be honest – I’m not sure if Cedi or Capri made it … they both made similar ones just a year apart.  IMG_8000

I randomly sewed sashing onto the fabric they made.  As a piece was a similar size to another, I then sewed that together; I just love free form quilting.IMG_8016

Once I had a layout that was pleasing to me I finished it.  I left it wonky and non-square because how often is kids art “perfect”? 

Since I run these challenges I’m not up for the prize … but be sure to check out what others made for the challenge and take a moment to vote for your four favorites!

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