#IGQuiltFest–Quilts in the Wild and Fast Finish

I’m going to share a two-for for the #IGQuiltFest today as I didn’t get to blogging yesterday.

Yesterday’s prompt was “Quilts in the Wild” … this was taken two ways – one was quilts actually being used and in their natural habitat, ie a bed or wall.  Others took it to mean quilts photographed outside … so I posted both!

quilts in the wild

The first picture I took was of my quilts that I hang all over the walls of my house .. and if you look to the top of the photo you can see that quilts are also hanging over the railing in our upstairs.

rainbow quilts on a fence

Then – I re-shared the picture I took in February when we hung almost 250 quilts from the Focus Through the Prism quilt challenge on the deer fence.

Fullscreen capture 3242016 52941 PM

Today’s prompt was “Fast Finish”.  I don’t make a lot of big quilts that are fast finishes but I do love quilt challenges! When my deadline is approaching quickly and inspiration is lacking I go to the Convergence technique from Ricky Tims to create a quick and easy #wowfactor for a #fastfinish quilt.  Here are  just a few of the quilts that have used this method!




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  1. What a great display of quilts in your house. Each one is an exquisite work of art, and together they just sing.


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