Scrap Quilting with Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods

Good morning everyone!  It’s a stormy, rainy day here in Wisconsin – some of my favorite weather for quilting.  I’m excited to introduce you all to to the next designer in the “Scrap Quilt Challenge Designer Showcase” – Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods!

perkins dry goodsBefore we find out what she’s sharing with us to get our scrap quilting ideas a boost … let’s learn a little bit more about her in a fun little interview.

Why do enjoy using fabric scraps for quilting?

I love how the patterns and colors in the fabrics play together. There's disagreement that works in a group if that makes any sense. And you get a truly unique quilt in the end.

Do you have a secret or tip for storing your scraps?

I try to keep them by type (repro, bright, traditional) and by color within the type. It works as long as I stay on top of it. Most of the they are more roughly organized by type. I store my stash the same way. But for some reason the bigger pieces stay more organized.

If someone where to have given you one tip for sewing/quilting when you first started - what do you wish they would have told you?

Perfection is overrated. That being said, I really think that learning the basics is important - seam allowance, proper cutting, etc. But the quilt police need to stay away. They stifle creativity!

What's your favorite color to use in your quilts?

I use a lot of brown and red. Even though my most favorite color in the world for anything is pink!

If you have a picture and/or story of your favorite quilt you've made using scraps thus far ... please attach and share.


One quilt that I really love is called Plain & Fancy. It's such a mixture of unique fabrics and the secondary design that comes from the first border makes it look like the blocks are set on point. They're straight set!

Be sure to see what kind of quilting fun Celine is up to next by following her on her social networking sites:

And now that you know more about Celine Perkins – head on over to her blog post – “Let’s Talk Scraps” to hear some tips and see how she approaches scrappy projects!




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