The First Showing of the Focus Through the Prism Quilts

Things are moving really fast this year with everything I have on my plate. A few weeks ago I contacted the organizers of the Sun Prairie Quilt Show to see if they’d be interested in a bit of a last minute quilt exhibit – some of the Focus Through the Prism Quilts.  To my delight they said they’d love to have them!  (I’m pretty sure the amazing photo’s taken by Karmen Lindner Photography helped out A LOT!)


photo by Karmen Lindner Photography

So … I had about a week to get some things organized before my family took off to Disney World and then just less than a week to get it all put together when we came home from Disney World.   No problem!

Let me tell you – narrowing down almost 250 quilts to just 48 was an insane task.  I’m lucky to have had two amazing helpers look and analyze the quilts with me to help decide which ones would make the most impressive display.

We took into consideration three things – quality, actually “reading” one a color – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and style diversity in the grouping (we tried to choose quilts that showed off multiple genres and quilting techniques). 

Now – if you don’t see one of your quilts up in this exhibit it doesn’t mean it won’t make the next one.  We have more quilts chosen in hopes of having more space in future shows.  This show was a great first show as we had tremendous support and advice from the staff on the best way to hang and display the quilts.  Lesson were learned and notes were taken for future exhibits.

Okay – enough chatting – let’s see the photo’s!

The “Winners” display was right by the door when folks entered … plus a few others because we wanted to fill the sheet.  IMG_8023

From upper left to bottom right, like you are reading a book: 

Top Row: "Snowball Bouquet" by Jo Brickwell, "Circus Monkey" by Becky Grover, "Indian Summer" by Sharon Scott,
Second Row: “My Tumbleweed Friends” by Victoria Mansfield, “Elephant in the Middle” by Kim Lapacek, "New Mexico Dreaming" by Mary Deeney,
Third Row: "Rising Star" by Jo Brickwell, “Pinwheels and Posies” by Mel Beach, "Pinwheel Farm" by Linda Syverson Guild
Bottom Row: "Nine Patch Doodle" by Linda Syverson Guild, “Violet Snowball” by Dayna Thwaits, “Solstice Moonrise” by Trisha Frankland

We hung the other 36 so you could see the prism. These were hung on three sheets in a U-shape just down the way from the entrance.  Definitely seen and admired by lots of people!


From upper left to bottom right, like you are reading a book:

Top Row: “Monkey with a Wrench” by Linda Syverson Guild, “Design on the Fly” by Mary Deeney, “Rich with Sparkling Variety” by Trisha Frankland
Second Row:  “Soul Sisters” by Sharon Scott, “Snowball’s Chance in Hell” by Mel Beach, "Shining Stars and Friends" by Gail Oliver
Third Row: “Red Red Rudolph” by Pat DuBois, “Monkey Madness” by Leslie Carmichael, “Give a Snowball a Chance” by Linda Syverson Guild
Fourth Row: “Just Very Red Pinwheels” by Karen Golden,  “Mon Florida Keys” by Mel Beach, “Curve Ball” by Becky Grover


From upper left to bottom right, like you are reading a book:

Top Row: “Make New Friends” by Jill Cranford, “Crops Circles” by Audrey Manning, "Joy" by Debbie Silva
Second Row: “Stars Fell on Alabama” by Leslie Carmichael, “Friendships Grow in Many Direction” by Mary Deeney, “Colorado Beauty” by Jill Cranford
Third Row: “Bee Happy” by Pat DuBois,  "Pinwheel on the Prairie" by Victoria Mansfield, “Twirl” by Trisha Frankland
Fourth Row:  "Come Fly with Me" by Roxy Pike, ”Anserini Asters” by Trisha Frankland,  “Bubbling Blues” by Marcia Wachuta


From upper left to bottom right, like you are reading a book:

Top Row: “Windmills of my Mind” by Evelyn Larrison, “Meet Me At Infinity” by Diane Lapacek, “Pinwheels at Midnight” by Lisa Foslien,
Second Row: "Hashtag Wild Goose Chase" by Betsy Vinegrad,  “Blue Goose” by Becky Grover, "Binary Log Cabin" by Mel Beach
Third Row: “Indigo Buntings” by Cheryl Snellgrove, “Friendship Star in Indigo” by Linda Syverson Guild, “Follow Me” by Jill Cranford
Fourth Row: “Evening at the Beach” by Roxy Pike, “Stars Abound in Hollywood” by Roxy Pike, “Everything’s Coming Up Violets” by Jo Brickwell

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  1. Kim, Thank you for bringing this wonderful exhibit to the Sun Prairie Quilt Show and sharing the talents of so many quilters. I am so impressed with your vision for the exhibit and with the quality of the pieces entered.


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