“Cerise to Blush” Quilt

I’m excited to have another quilt finish to share with you.  I am ridiculously proud of this one.  “Cerise to Blush” is the quilt I made as my final project for the Design Essentials I class I took with Lorraine Torrence at my local quilt shop, Mill House Quilts.  It was an amazing series of classes and I learned so, so much!  I can’t wait to sign up for the Design Essentials II Class!IMG_9225One of the homework assignments involved symmetry, scale and value.  We had the option to just cut out the squares from fabric or paper and glue them down … or add in the seam allowances and stitch them together.  Some of the pieces FINISH at a half-inch so this was a bit tedious … but it was the option I went with.  When my assignment was done I had four blocks just waiting to go. 

IMG_9231I really liked the assignment and knew I wanted to play with the concept of it even more so for my final project I made five more blocks.  2016-05-05Because symmetry, value and scale wasn’t enough - I added another concept – complementary colors.  I mixed in some greens in five different values.   I’m proud to show you just how well my value worked as you can see in the black and white picture!  If you just saw the piece in black and white it would be hard for you to tell there are two different color schemes happening.  Trust me – this is a huge accomplishment for me!  I always struggle with value!IMG_9233All the different scales of the blocks in the different values make some really interesting shapes and movement throughout the quilt.  IMG_9237Without intentionally doing so .. an AT-AT appeared in my quilt!  Do you see it!?IMG_9239

I quilted this piece on my Bernina.  I did a tight pebbly/swirl in the green corner and then diagonally down the quilt a bit.  Then I did wavy/straight line quilting with my walking foot.  In spaces that got a bit wide I added in some more pebbles.  I enjoyed myself with this part of the process.  I referred to Christa Watson Angela Walter’s newest book, The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting: Long-arm and Sit-down - Learn When, Where, Why, and How to Finish Your Quilts, when I was struggling on what to decide to do for the quilting.  It’s definitely a book that has earned a place next to my machine while I’m quilting.





  1. visiting from crazy mum quilts. I love the contrast, the different block sizes, sounds like an amazing set of lessons you had

  2. What a great quilt. I love how it turned out. I'm not sure I'd ever be so daring as to try something like this so I greatly admire what you've created. It's a true work of art!

  3. Wonderful,I love it! I like your colour combo here, heaps of movement happening!


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