Schools Out for Summer

I can’t believe it!  Today was officially the first day of summer vacation for my two older girls.  As of right now I have a Kindergartener, a third grader, and a fourth grader!  Time flies by so fast!


The left is the first day of school … right is the last day of school.

It’s crazy how fast they grow and how much they learn in just the 9 months they’re at school.  Both girls had wonderful teachers this school year and we’re all very grateful for all that they’ve done for the girls.  I made them each a fun pineapple quilt block too!

I really just think these make wonderful little gifts and the girls enjoy picking out the colors for their teachers.


Pip graduated last week but I didn’t post any pictures … so here she is on her first day and her last day!  Now the next trick is to figure out how I’m going to enjoy the summer with my girls but still squeeze in some time to sew!  Do you have any tips on how you still find time when you’re house is full and busy?


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  1. Book time! Weekly trips to the library to get new books and each day they "had to" read for 30 minutes or more. When I say had to, it was more like get them to sit down and start. Once they were reading, I could usually count on about an hour. My youngest is cat obsessed and he started reading the "Warriors" series by Erin Hunter between 3rd and 4th grade.

    1. i'm an adult and found those Warrior books when i was prego with my second son. My first child had a toy that he loved and played with it daily. For years when i heard that toy being played with i thought of those cats and their dilemmas. LOL memories.

  2. What a great gifts! Time does fly....enjoy because kids grow up super fast.

  3. We go to the park, the zoo, to the Y, Library, one food shopping trip, and a movie "day". Then if they are super good we go to the DQ for a treat or eat ice cream out behind the house. i make days "no tv for x hours" & play outside. We have cleaned out their rooms, out grown clothes, older toys. Make cookies and then i search pinterest for more ideas.


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