Dutch Label Shop Review

I was recently contact by the Dutch Label shop to see if I would be interested in trying out there product.  As a quilter I know how important it is to label ones creations and I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out a label that could make this process all that much simpler.  So I said yes!IMG_1652
You can either upload your own custom design for your label or use one of there design. The Dutch Label shop had a perfect little spool label so I went with that.
IMG_1645And I think it’s perfect!  If I wanted to I could easily add on the year that the quilt was made to the label with a fabric pen but I didn’t want to put them on the label because of the number I would need to order.  You can actually choose from three sizes, many colors for background/text, different symbols (in case for some reason you didn’t want a spool) and even font when creating your personalized labels.IMG_1646These shown are ones that I stitched onto the quilts I submitted to the Lodi Valley Ag Fair.  Now, many of the quilts I enter into the fair, I only enter into the fair and nowhere else so not a ton of information is needed.  IMG_1649There are three lines to fill in so one could choose to put whatever they wanted.IMG_1648
I only have pictures of the labels that needed to be stitched on (I figured out how to blanket stitch the one to the pillow) but I also ordered labels that are fusible.  I used a fusible label on my Lion King quilt and it worked like a charm!
For this apple season I will also have some beautiful hang tags labelled properly on the items in my shop.  Very high quality at a very reasonable rate.
After giving Dutch Label Shop a try … I would give them an A+.  They look great and are easy to add to a quilt, pillow, or other hand crafted item. For the history and future generations I can’t stress enough on how important it is to label your creations.
If you’d like to order some personalized labels, Dutch Label Shop is giving my readers 15% off there purchase when you apply the discount code "persimmon" (all lower case) at checkout! Yeah!  Don’t wait too long to order your labels as the code will expire 30 days from now (so on August 13th).   (Honestly … these would be great if you need to label all your kids stuff for school … no more lost coats, snow pants or mittens!).   
Thank you to the Dutch Label Shop for giving me a chance to try out your labels!  You have a new customer in me!


  1. Thanks for the idea, Kim! I think I'll try them out!

  2. Thanks for the idea, Kim! I think I'll try them out!


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