Flying Boat Yoga Mat Quilt and Pattern

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope this finds you well.  I am feeling extremely relaxed and ready for the day.  Once the girls headed to summer school I packed up my yoga mat, towel and quilt and went to the gym for a Hot Yin class.  I have found a great love for hot yoga these past few months and have found it has made a huge difference in my world. Flying Boat Yoga Mat

Yin is one of my favorite classes that I attend.  Yin is a class that focuses more on breathing and relaxing into the pose.  For Yin I love to cover my mat with a yoga mat quilt. It is so comforting and helps me focus into the practice more.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who would feel this way and I decided to come up with a pattern so others could make and use there very own quilted mat for their yoga practice.  (Not into yoga? These would also work great at the beach or laying on the lawn!)Flying Boat Yoga Mat

I decided to name my new pattern the “Flying Boat” Yoga Mat because it utilizes the traditional flying geese quilt block and a boat pose in yoga sort of has that “V” shape to it.

Flying Boat Yoga Mat

I just love hot yoga room in Sun Prairie that I go to.  I want to make that barn wall into a quilt!

Head on over to my craftsy page and get your very own copy of the “Flying Boat Yoga Mat” pattern today!


  1. Never heard of anyone making a yoga mat cover. It looks awesome! Great colors.

  2. Never heard of anyone making a yoga mat cover. It looks awesome! Great colors.

  3. Love this idea! I do chiyogo, and I know just what you mean about relaxing into the poses while doing the breathing exercises. Your pattern is going onto my list for selfish sewing!


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