Lodi Ag Fair - 2016

Last weekend was my favorite of the year– the Lodi Ag Fair!  Lodi is a small town who really knows how to put a great event together!  You can find everything from cows to chickens to quilts to pie auctions to quilt turnings! 

The fair is basically the Lodi Valley Quilter’s Guild’s big show of the year.  This year I entered nine quilted items and I’m beyond proud to say that 8 of them received ribbons!

Quilt Collage from Lodi Ag Fair 2016

I was also proud to be a part of this quilt


which also took a blue ribbon home.  I made two of the blocks.  There’s a big story behind this quilt but you’ll have to wait just a bit to find out more.

I know 4H is an amazing program but at this point in our lives we can’t add anything more into our children’s world but luckily the ag fair has an open class option.  Last year Capri entered a fairy garden into open exhibit and this year all three girls entered a bunch of things into the open exhibit.  I found the entry options to be a great way to plan art projects for the girls.

First … let’s check out the fairy gardens.


Capri made hers in a baby bassinette.


Pip made hers in a pumpkin!


And Cedi used an old lego table plus a few bonus boxes for her fairy garden.


Capri also entered into the “Painted Fabric” category and took home a second place ribbon.

All three of the girls entered into the “Tie Dyed” category.


Pip’s dyed hoodie took first, IMG_1601

Capri’s dyed vintage kerchief took second,


And Mercedi’s dyed fabric took third.


Capri made this doll which took 3rd.

All three girls did the “Mixed Media Seascape” category … this one was the most fun to do I think!


Mercedi’s took a first


Pip’s took second


and Capri took third.


Pip’s final project was the “Flowers in Acrylic” category and she took a third place ribbon home.

The girls were all excited to not only see there work on display but to see all the ribbons on them!  I was definitely a proud mom!

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