Adelaide Flying Boat Hot Yoga Mat

It’s no secret that I’ve recently become addicted to hot yoga.  I “accidently” tried it when I went back to the gym after a few months away.  I had looked at the class schedule online and thought that “Flow” would be a great way to start back!  It’s a great class that’s a workout but not requiring quite as much as say kickboxing would for a first time back at the gym.


I arrived at the gym with my yoga mat and flip flops only to find out the yoga flow class was in all actuality – hot yoga flow. I had two choices – leave having done nothing since I didn’t bring tennis shoes with me or suck it up and give it a try.  Knowing myself, I knew if I left I would not be coming back … it was time to suck it up and give it a try.  I’m now officially hooked.  I heart Hot Yoga.


This summer I even joined in on a hot yoga challenge – I had to do 33 classes over 11 weeks.  This doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in that it’s SUMMER, the girls are home and it takes me 25 minutes just to get to class (so 50 minutes spent driving + 1 hour in class + 10 minutes getting coffee = 2 hours spent not hanging with my girls or sewing). But like I said, above I LOVE hot yoga!  The challenge was also made easier when a hot yoga family class was added and my girls all LOVED going!  Yeah! 


Unfortunately I did not complete the challenge.  I made it to 30 of my 33 classes.  I ended up being sick for a week and the challenge overlapped into apple season.  I know I could have completed it if I had really stuck to it but there’s a point where sleep during apple season is super important and spending the last day off with my kids before school starts also trumps the challenge.  But no worries – I’ll be back at hot yoga at 5:30am on Wednesday!  Just because the challenge is done it doesn’t mean I am!


In June I shared with you my new pattern for the “Flying Boat Yoga Mat” and today I’m a guest blogger at Therm O Web where I show you how you can add inspiring words to your yoga mat. 

IMG_1063Dear Stella Designs generously sent me a bundle of the beautiful Adelaide fabric that I made a “Flying Boat Yoga Mat” with.  The quilting was done by Mindy Skinner of Stitches by Mindy.


Have you ever tried hot yoga?  Or are you like I used to be … thought it would NEVER be for you?  (I can’t even sit in a hot tub and can handle about 1 minute in a sauna.)




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