Mandy Leins of Mandalei Quilts–Scrap Quilt Designer Showcase

Happy 15th of the month!  It’s a great day on my blog … time for another guest blogger for the Scrap Quilt Challenge!  Today we’re going to meet Mandy Leins of Mandalei Quilts.  You can find Mandy on instagram: @mandaleiquilts and on facebook: Mandalei Quilts.fairday


K: Why do enjoy using fabric scraps for quilting?

M: I used to be more of a tidy-looking-quilt kind of gal, and many of my new designs are all very clean-looking, but lately I've been experimenting and throwing myself into scrap quilting! I have lots of scraps, and I am terrible at organizing them and using them. Most of them are solids, though, and what's a scrap quilt if it doesn't have lots of prints?


K: Do you have a secret or tip for storing your scraps?

M: I have no secret organization. I wish I did. I am pretty sure I am adult ADHD, so when it comes time to organize my scraps I have a strong fight-or-flight response. They're just in giant bins right now!


K: If someone where to have given you one tip for sewing/quilting when you first started - what do you wish they would have told you?

M: I didn't discover glue basting until I had been quilting about ten years. It changed my life and really helped me to do much more advanced things. In particular, I made this quilt with about 1500 1 1 /2" HSTs without any trimming of any triangles, and the points all line up perfectly. Thanks glue basting! In fact, I am eyeing this quilt pattern I wrote for it as a way to use up all my scraps. Just as soon as I finish the other quilts on my list, ha!


It was great to find out more about you Mandy!  Now everyone needs to go over to Mandy’s blog HERE to find out about her favorite *neutrals* to use in scrappy quilts!

And don’t forget to link up your scrap quilt finishes per the challenge rules by November 3rd!

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