Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin, Still time to Vote, and Blogging Challenge

Last night was a bit surreal.  Back in June an interviewer and camera crew came to my home to tape me, my quilts, my home and my studio for a PBS special – Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin.

treasured quilts

I was nervous to see my segment … I tend to say odd things on television … like calling it “Wisconsin Time” during my bit on Sewing with Nancy.  I know at some point while the crew was here I mentioned the apocalypse … luckily that was not what they focused on in my interview!  To help with my nerves I invited a bunch of folks over for a “PBS Party” (yup – only in Wisconsin). It was fun to watch them see all the different styles of quilting and see what people can do. 

If you can get Wisconsin Public Television you haven’t missed your chance to see it.  There are at least three more air times :

Fullscreen capture 11302016 82957 AMLots of amazing quilts were shown on the show including my good friend Trisha Frankland’s Quilt ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

Still Time to Vote!

This is the last day I’ll be bothering you to head over to HERE and vote for my quilt “Sake Bomb.” My quilt is currently in the lead but that could easily change throughout the rest of today so I really need your help!


Since you can only vote ONCE, please SHARE THIS link with friends, office mates, who ever you're having coffee with or TAG your friends in the comments so they can vote right away.  I cannot thank everyone enough for all your support on this!

Blogging Challenge

31 days

It’s back!  And so will I be!  Cheryl Sleboda of is hosting the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge once again this December.  This is perfect timing for me as apple season is over and I need to get my blogging swag back.  At this point I’ll be posting a lot about being prepared for the upcoming season of Project QUILTING and ways to start/maintain holiday traditions.  Things change and it’s not always easy to get through the holidays when they do … lets see if we can come up with some fun things together. 

Have you lost your blogging mojo?  This is a great opportunity to find it again … check out Cheryl’s plan by heading over here.

And that, that is all the news I have to share with you today.  But no worries – you’ll be hearing from me again tomorrow with something new and exciting (I still have to figure out what that is but it will be great I’m sure Winking smile).  See you tomorrow!

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