Geese Feet–a New Quilt In Progress

I honestly didn’t mean to start another quilt.  I had zero intentions of doing this. 

But then I saw Go Go Kim’s block “Geese Feet” that she created for Aurifils block of the month program and it was just so fabulous.  I couldn’t resist the pull to stitch one up.

geese tracks purple

So – I decided to make one block which I’d then make into a pillow. 

geese tracks blue

Once I finished the purple block realized I should try a scrappy blue block.

geese tracks green

The scrappy blue block was so cool I though perhaps a scrappy green block would be great.

geese tracks yellow

And of course the scrappy green block led to the scrappy yellow block.  (I sort of feel like this is a “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie” type story).

rainbow blocks

As you can see – one block has turned in four blocks and I”m pretty sure now I need to make at least 12 blocks.  Oh – and then I need to come up with some sort of sashing to bring all those blocks together.  Before I knew it – I was making another quilt.  Thanks a bunch Kim

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  1. I love these blocks! I hope you do keep going with them! :D


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