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Happy Sunday everyone!  I sent out a newsletter but just realized I hadn’t blogged yet today which would not help me reach my 31 day blogging goal set for this month.

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I pride myself in coming up with great gifts during the holiday season.  I actually enjoy shopping and finding that “perfect” gift for someone I love.  While I do love a good present nothing compares to the feeling I get when I find that gift for someone that they didn’t realize they always wanted until they opened up the box.  Today I’m going to share with you a few ideas for this holiday season.  The ideas I’m going to share with you today are not only great gifts for your kiddo’s but they will also help keep your child occupied so you can get some sewing done for the Project QUILTING Challenge weeks! 

PS. I have three girls but many of these things work for boys too!


My kiddos (ages 9,7, and 4 at the time) got Magna-Tiles last year for Christmas.  To this day they still pull these out and play with them for HOURS – building, designing, and destroying.  Definitely a win-win item.  As an added bonus … they are all geometrical shapes so it could double as a possible way for you to design a quilt!


We’ve had a lot of different building type toys in our house but nothing ever compares to the classic Lego. 

There are a ton of great sets you can purchase but the “Elves” sets have been a hit at our place.  As a bonus there are also storybooks you can buy to go along with the worlds being created.

Perler Beads

I’ve head different opinions from different folks about Perler Beads. 

In our house we call them “melty beads” and I can guarantee that I would not have finished half the quilts I do without them.  The girls can stay occupied with these while I sew and my iron’s already hot so it’s no problem for me to do the final press to finish them off.

Pop Beads

These are more for the younger kiddo’s … I would say that Pip (at 5) still plays with them but they don’t hold her interest as long as they did when she was younger. 

The Pop Beads come in a great bucket which makes for quick and easy clean up once your child is done making your beautiful jewelry!

Water Color Paint Set

My girls actually have there own areas down in our basement near my sewing space.  They have supplies for pretty much anything they’d like to do but I’m personally most comfortable when they choose to paint with watercolors (versus acrylics) because the mess is much less messy.


And you never know what they’ll come up with!


I hope this post helped you come up with a few ideas of what to get these special kids in your life.  Do you have someone that you’re having a hard time buying or creating for?  Leave a comment with a little information and I’ll see if I can come up with some suggestions for you.

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  1. In my experience, boys like things they can take apart, destroy, crash, throw and that makes a lot of noise. I raised 2 sons myself and I have 15 nephews. So there are lots of race tracks, hot wheel cars, remote cars, skate boards, scooters and tablets in our family.


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