Mortimer a Paper Pieced Skull

I secretly love to paper piece when quilting.  It allows me to do create angles and details that isn’t simple in standard piecing.  Is paper piecing easy?  Definitely not at first.  It takes a few tries to make sure you’re putting the fabric in the right spot, sewing on the right line, etc., but once you get in the swing of it things go much more smoothly. 

skull step a

Although I don’t hate paper piecing I do hate it when I have a deadline.  Without a deadline I’m all about it and I usually like to paper piece more than one project at the same time … just to challenge myself.

skulll step 1

My latest paper pieced challenge was “Mortimer” – a paper pieced skull with the pattern designed by Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio

skull color pull

I would not recommend this for beginnings BUT if you take your time, truly anyone can do it.  If you’ve never used one of Sam’s patterns for a project I can’t recommend them enough.  If you have – you know what I’m talking about.  Sam Hunter does a fabulous job clearly stating what to do in each step of the project.  The color/fabric sheet she recommends making before you start to piece your skull is absolutely invaluable.  I would have no hair left if I hadn’t followed this step and I literally referred to it every time I grabbed each piece of fabric!

skull step 2

Before I new it my “Mortimer” skull block was done.  I’m super proud of it even though if you look closely it’s not perfect.  skull step 2

And if you put him in black and white mode you’ll see I did a pretty darn good job with choosing fabric with different values.  Bam!

skull final step

I don’t typically let perfection bother me too much but sometimes it’s just so easy to fix some of the mistakes!  There was a divot in the jaw … nothing a brush strokes from my Fabrico marker can’t cover up!

Now that I have this guy all finished up … what should I make with him?


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  1. I love Mortimer. Thanks for this blog post and for introducing a new (to me) pattern designer. Would love to see what you make with him!!


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