Reindeer Cupcakes

Tomorrow all three of my daughters have holiday parties at school.  I lucked out and had treats for two of them at their Halloween party (yeah for apples!) but I Cedi generously signed me up for cupcakes.  I hate making cupcakes!  I have one cupcake pan so I can only make 12 at a time and that’s annoying when you have to make 24.  But oh well – I’ll make some cupcakes.

I actually planned ahead a bit and scanned pinterest for some cute and do-able cupcake ideas.

I tried to only pin the cupcakes that I thought I could do before I asked Cedi what she liked the best.  No need to get the girls hopes up.  If there was any fancy piping involved I was out!  Attempting fancy piping is reserved for times with no looming bedtime and no audience other than family until I can get the perfect frosting recipe worked out.

After a bit of waffling we decided that the reindeer cupcakes would be the best.

This tutorial is from onelittleproject.easy reindeer cupcakes

It’s definitely do-able – no piping of frosting, nothing too complicated.  I got this! 

The first change – Cedi said her classmates don’t like chocolate cake – no problem we can use white cake.  It helps if you remember to add the water to your cake mix before you finish though.  Luckily I figured out something was missing when all the batter stuck to the mixers … it was a bit thick.  After that I added in the water and had things mixed decently.  It seemed a little watery to me though so we made a pan full and then taste tested one (we needed 21 for the class so we had a small amount of room for trial) to see if they were edible.  The one we ate was pretty good so we went with this.  I’m just hoping the rest tasted like that one! 

reindeer cupcakes

I frosted the tops of the cupcakes and decorated the first one.  Turns out … I had mini Reeses peanut butter cups in my mind instead of vanilla wafers so I bought the wrong thing.  I check two different places for the eyeball candies with zero luck. I came home with both white chocolate chips and sno caps.  Cedi could decide which one she preferred.  We had the right pretzels but Cedi said they were soft and chewy – which they shouldn’t be – luckily we had a fresh bag in the pantry.  And now that I”m looking at the picture I completely forgot about the nose … oh well!

I’d say that overall they turned out pretty adorable.  My fingers are crossed that they taste okay when the kids eat them tomorrow!  I’m heading to hot yoga in the morning but Cedi’s Papa is going to take her so she doesn’t have to transfer the cupcakes via the bus. 

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  1. Being kids they'll love them anyway. And now you have an original design!


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