2016 In Review

I’m a few days late on my “Year in Review” post but that pretty much sums up 2016 … a few days late!  It was a crazy busy year … which I’d say is pretty much my world!

Anyway – first I made a  collage of *all my finishes!


I wrote *all because there are actually about 15 quilts that I couldn’t share as they are still secret.  Goal #1 for 2017 – finish my book!  I hope to have a book published for you all by the end of the year!  Now I just need to stay focused in order to do that!  Wish me luck!

Next … I went to MakeLight and had some photo collages made using the photos from my instagram account.  This was pretty sweet! When you go there you sign in with your instagram account and then request they make Insight Report which enables you to “DISCOVER AND UNDERSTAND THE COLOURS AND THEMES THAT WILL HELP YOU GROW ON INSTAGRAM.”  Yes please!  One of my goals for 2016 was to increase my followers and grow my Instagram account. I started 2016 with about 1,300 followers and I started 2017 with 3,260 followers … I almost tripled my followers!  Yeah (and thanks BariJ!)


Back to the MakeLight Insights …

tppefvosigmeq28011ksWhen you first open the insights they generate for you … you get this awesome clamshell – esque looking quilt full of COLOR!  I’m in LOVE with this!  I may have to make a quilt … hmmm …

Fullscreen capture 132017 102659 AMThen MakeLight breaks down your eight main colors for each month of 2016 … LOVE that!  I couldn’t download this but I zoomed my screen out a bunch and took a screenshot.  I think it will be really neat to see how it compares to what I do in 2017.  I love how you can see that I worked on my indigo and mustard City Sampler during apple season (August – November)!fznixfoubqweeotujpyb

And then it takes your top “liked” images of 2017 and it creates a palette for you.  My Project QUILTING instagram giveaway skewed mind a bit but it’s still pretty cool to se the fun palette mix.

You also get your most common themes:
Fullscreen capture 132017 114837 AM

Most popular themes:Fullscreen capture 132017 114955 AM

And most Popular ColoursFullscreen capture 132017 114853 AM

I really enjoyed taking a deeper look into my instagram trends … I probably wouldn’t have guessed most and it’s good to have a third party look things over.

And … my report from the first three days of 2017!  I never would have guessed those would be my colors but I’m digging it! yxxursxwwr3xpn2dcuyt Especially that mustard with that dusty blue … I am seriously blanking on what word to use to describe it but it’s just to the left of the big mustard splotch.

So there’s that!  2016 is over and it was fun to look back at it – but now it’s time to look forward into 2017 and start to get some things done – starting with the first Project QUILTING Challenge!




  1. This is so cool! I hadn't heard of it, trying it now, thanks! I added Project Quilting to my social sewing calendar, too :)

  2. I hadn't heard of Makelight until I saw it popping up all over Instagram. Loved getting my roundup too and it was a little different to what I'd expected.


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