If 8 is Great, 108 is even Better–Project QUILTING 8.1

When the first Project QUILTING challenge of the season was announced I had literally finished probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done – a 108 Sun Salutation Hot Yoga class.  It was a great way to start the new year out – but it was physically insane!  It took me at least four days to be able to pick something off the ground without groaning!  I’m all better now though and have been to three more hot yoga classes since.  Anyway – what does this have to do with the Project QUILTING Challenge??

Well – if “8 is Great, 108 is even Better.”  That’s what I came up with.  I designed a quilted yoga mat for Yin classes.

yoga animals

It features farm animals doing yoga!  I just love these guys!  AND to top it off – there are 8 different squares of yoga animals.IMG_4862

I drew my plan out on graph paper and then I had to count each piece that was going on here – there are 108 total different pieces used to piece the top. 


I was inspired by the colors of the barn wall in the hot yoga room I go to.  (Quilted yoga mat pictured is my original design “Flying Boat”)IMG_4865I free motion quilted this piece on my Bernina.  I call it “yoga quilting.”  I just let the quit and the thread tell me what it wanted to do.  IMG_4867I did a lot of “8” patterns and meandering. IMG_4869I didn’t quilt over the animals … just around them.IMG_4872

Every time you look at this piece you’ll notice something different!

It’s been in the negative temperatures around here so I opted to have hubby hold the quilt up for pictures.  I hope to get outside soon though and get my traditional “fence” pictures of this one.  I will be gifting this to a yoga instructor who has made a huge difference in my world. 


  1. How cool! What a lucky person to receive this one.

  2. So clever and creative! And the yoga animal fabric is hilarious.

  3. I had never thought of a quilted yoga mat - awesome idea!
    I did hot yoga once - wait, no, I attempted hot yoga, but left after about 15 minutes. I moved to Alaska because I don't like hot temps!

  4. I love how much it looks like the wall!

  5. Love those animals! Such a wonderful project.

  6. I love this idea, the fabric...and I need a yoga mat. Curious what you used inside, standard batting? Does this replace the mat or go over it?

  7. What a great project, and those animals make me laugh! Not sure they are tempting me to take up yoga any time soon, though ;-)

  8. How cute! And what a fun idea!

  9. Amazing. I ache just looking at those animals in pose. And the entries are great too. Looking forward to the next challenge.


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