Hand Dyed Dresden Neighborhood

Happy Friday everyone! I finally have a Friday Finish to share with you!

I’ve actually had it finished for a bit but completely forgot to share it on my blog.

dresden neighborhood blue bar

Surprise!  It’s another Dresden Neighborhood Mini Quilt!  This special quilt was made as a sample for Blue Bar Quilts.  Blue Bar Quilts is a new quilt shop that is opening in Middleton in the next month or so!  I can’t wait!!!!

The houses are made from a mixture of fabrics hand-dyed by Pam Niebauer, Creative Art Textiles, indigo-dyed by Jennifer Falkowski, and couple of prints from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s fabric collection.  All of these will be available to purchase at Blue Bar Quilts and my pattern too!


  1. I love the colors in this. Looks like a fun neighborhood!

  2. Hey, I'd live in that neighborhood. Well, I would have...I'm too old for all those parties now. lol Your quilt is so fun!


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