True North Quilted Tie

The other day I was talking with Trisha about the upcoming Project QUILTING Challenges.  Now – if you remember – I have no idea what the challenges are until a day or so before they are posted.  I don’t want an unfair advantage even though I can’t win any prizes.  (oh – and I can’t keep a secret).  Anyway – I was saying how I really wanted to make a long and skinny project and Trish just started laughing.  She knew the next challenge was going to be “well-dressed man” and what fits that challenge that could be long and skinny?  A tie of course!  She didn’t say this to me though until after the challenge was posted and reminded me of her laughter.

compass capers

Of course – I had to do a tie and I wanted to make it so it could actually be tied.  I took one of my husbands ties for reference and pulled out my copy of Chris Lynn Kirsh’s book “Compass Capers.”  I was inspired by my husband for this challenge – he rarely wears a tie but when he does – damn! He is a land surveyor so the mariner’s compass block always reminds me of him.  And orange is his favorite color so that was an obvious color choice. 

kim try one

For the first attempt I drew out a really long and skinny compass – but I drew it on shiny, slippery paper and when I tried to sew all the skinny pieces I kept sliding around on the paper and things were just not fitting as perfectly as I wanted.

ThermOWeb Stitch N Sew Paper

So – I decided to start over and modify my design. This time I drew out the main sketch on Therm O Web’s StitchNSew paper.  I taped three sheets together to make it long enough.  This paper is great for paper piecing with and it tears away really nicely. 

True North Quilted Tie by Kim Lapacek

Using this paper I was able to piece the mariner’s compasses much more precisely.  I chose a navy blue fabric with a thin gold stripe as my background.  I love how it contrasts with the orange and it also really makes it look like a proper tie.

 True North Quilted Tie by Kim Lapacek
It wasn’t long until I had my tie finished.  I finished it by facing the binding so it looks sharp.  It’s a bit thicker than a normal tie.

True North Quilted Tie by Kim Lapacek

My sister-in-law’s fiance was here yesterday and he tied it for me so I could show you that it can be tied!  I guess it was too thick for a half windsor but he made it look decent.

True North Quilted Tie by Kim Lapacek

And here is my husband modelling the tie!  LOL!  I said he rarely wears them!

True North Quilted Tie by Kim Lapacek

And the best well-dressed man has his daughter in his lap.

True North Quilted Tie by Kim Lapacek

and the other two by his side.

What a fun project!  I’m thinking I might make some sort of series with these tie quilts … we’ll just have to see!


  1. Very cool! I love the way you always think outside the box.

  2. This is my favorite!! What a great idea, as you always have!

  3. I love the tie -- think I'll make one for my husband. Your colors are great. Thanks also for the tip on the product.


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