The Chaos of Spring–A Finished Quilt

I didn’t think I would make the deadline for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge.  Two weeks ago I came down with a decent cold.  One week ago I was in PAIN with an ear infection.  Man – adult ear infections are the worse!


Once the pain was under control I was left with a plugged ear.  Not being able to hear my kiddos fight as loudly wasn’t the worse thing ever BUT having a clogged ear makes you DIZZY!  I could only spend about 20 minutes at a time doing any project without having to lay down to gain my bearings again.  UGH!  Trust me – I’m a go go go person (I know this is shocking to some of you) so having to spend time just laying around for a week was annoying.  Finally I just decided to power through and get ‘er done.  IMG_7255

This is what I came up with. I call it “The Chaos of Spring” and it is my entry for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge as well as the off season Project QUILTING Challenge “May I.”IMG_7258

At the beginning of May the ground is brown and ugly but as we progress through May the grass turns green, the leaves pop on the trees and flowers bloom.  This quilt depicts the chaos of the world as it transitions from brown to green.


This piece is free form pieced. I just kept sewing random strips together, cutting them up and sewing them together again.  The quilting needed to be kept simple since the piecing is so busy.  I did a wavy-straight stitch and then mixed in a few design bubbles into the mix.  I used three different colors of Aurifil thread – blue, pink, and green.

I added a flange around the edges before I bound it in scraps too.  It completes the whole “chaotic” look I was going for.

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  1. Love it! I'm making a random pieced neutral background. It does drive you crazy but so rewarding when it starts to take shape.


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