Dresden Neighborhood Roundup

It’s been awhile since I posted some of the fabulous Dresden Neighborhood quilts others have been making.  Since I saw some great Halloween themed ones I thought today would be a perfect day to post some pictures and links!

dresden neighborhood halloween quilt

First up – a Creepy Bunny pictured with a Ghostly Dresden Neighborhood made by Carol Swift of Just Let Me Quilt.Fullscreen capture 10312017 110854 AM

ThatsSewKathy has made a great start on her Halloween themed Dresden Neighborhood too!


I think it’s safe to say that Julie Youngblood is digging these Dresden Neighborhoods.  Above his her Halloween themed one

Fullscreen capture 10312017 112851 AM

and here is a fun, whimsical, everyday neighborhood!  I truly can’t describe how cool it is to see how everyone creates differently from a pattern you came up with.  It’s seriously just surreal.  Fullscreen capture 10312017 112327 AM

I absolutely love the drama in this black, white and red Dresden Neighborhood by sewandisew

Fullscreen capture 10312017 113200 AMMomma Louie chose her fabrics perfectly to create this spectrum looking Dresden Neighborhood!  LOVE!

And I know today is Halloween but we all know that tomorrow we’re all going to start thinking about Christmas and things we need to get done.  Wouldn’t a Dresden Neighborhood mini quilt be just a perfect gift!? 

Fullscreen capture 10312017 104936 AM

Check out this Christmas themed Dresden Neighborhood by My Girlfriends Quilt Shop.  I just LOVE the snow on the roofs!

CoryCats and Rhonda Ferguson have teamed up to make some pretty awesome Dresden Neighborhoods!Fullscreen capture 10312017 114718 AM

I adore this fall themed Neighborhood!  Some of the house wedges were turned into trees – ADORE!!!!

Fullscreen capture 10312017 114712 AM

And check out this stunning, dramatic Christmas Neighborhood!!!!!  It’s incredible!  The Dresden Santa Laser Cut Out is currently sold out at Quilted Works but keep your eye on their for more – this is such a great addition!

Are you inspired too!?  Get your very own pdf version of my original Dresden Neighborhood pattern HERE


  1. Each one is fabulous. Love this pattern!

  2. It's amazing how different they all look using the same basic pattern (which I love.) Thanks for sharing my Dresden! I've got the laser cut Santa and sleigh from Quilted Works waiting for me to work on. Can't wait to get started on it!


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