In Memory of Nancy Zieman

Earlier today an icon in the sewing and quilting industry – Nancy Zieman – passed away.  I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and chatting with Nancy Zieman about Project QUILTING three years ago.  It is a day I will never forget and I thought I’d share with you all my memory of the afternoon I spent with her.

I was extremely nervous.  I LOVE talking but I tend to get nerves before hand. I figure it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t get at least a little nervous. 

Nancy Zieman and Kim LapacekOur segment was the final segment she had to tape that day and it had been a long day.  She was still gracious and poised through it all even though she had to be tired from being “on” all day.  She made me comfortable and ease as we chatted for just over 5 minutes about Project QUILTING.  I thought it would be a few takes on camera but after those five minutes of chatting they said, “That’s it!  We’re done.”  I was like, “What!?  I have no idea what I just said!?”  I was so in awe that I was actually talking to Nancy Zieman I couldn’t focus on the rest of what was happening!  Turns out the segment went really well even though I said, “Yup” ten million times and Nancy had to correct me when I said, “Wisconsin-time” instead of central time.  When it was all over she took the time to pose for a picture with me.  A few weeks later she sent me a thank you letter for being on the show with a set of her quilt cards. 

Nancy Zieman was an incredibly strong and talented woman. Her talent, inspiration, and work will be enjoyed and honored by so many of us for many years to come.

I would love for you to share your memories of Nancy Zieman with me below.  I know she’s impacted so many of us for the past 35 years.


  1. Kim, I enjoyed hearing again about your experience with NancyZ. Many years ago ( when Nancy was still in the very early stages of tv recording ) I caught her tv sewing shows and watched them religiously. I was a very shy, new bride in the Midwest with a new sewing machine and very little sewing knowledge. Nancy’s lessons gave me courage and a skill I treasure. I had the thrill of meeting this amazing woman (who has had such an impact on the sewing and quilting world )at the WPT Quilt show a few years ago. It was a thrill. BTW your blog was the first blog I started following back around 2015 or so. I have enjoyed your progress.

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories. I never had the opportunity to meet Namcy, nor watch many of her shows. The shows I did have watch were very well done, and left me feeling that she is someone who could teach anybody just about anything! She had a presence and a patience about her and I am sorry that I will now never have the chance to meet her :) Rest in peace...

  3. You are the first quilt blogger I've seen to honor Nancy....I have learned so much sewing savvy over the last few decades by watching Nancy's show and ordering notions from her catalog. I always found her to be gracious, poised and so knowledgeable about sewing. I've been a quilter for many years but my clothes-sewing ability is due in large part to Nancy Zieman generosity in sharing knowledge. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  4. My friend, Linda and I were very excited to be able to purchase tickets for her 30th Anniversary show in Madison a few years ago. What a joy to spend time with Nancy, her family , staff and her guests. Food was set out for our enjoyment prior to the taping of the 30th show. Nancy will be missed and I know may prayers are being said for her.


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