2017 Quilt Finishes

As the year comes to an end it’s always fun to take a look back and see what quilts I finished.

2017 Quilt FinishesA quick look at the collage of my finishes makes me feel like I accomplished quite a bit.  In fact, if I counted correctly I had 37 quilt finishes.  Some of the quilts were rather large, and other fairly tiny. Six of those finishes were a direct result of season 8 of Project QUILTING.  I made three varying versions of my Dresden Neighborhood quilts. I tried out a new technique – wefty needle weaving.  I finished up a few unfinished tops and made some fun little gifts to boot.  A very successful year indeed!


Another fun thing to do was to find out which 9 photos on my instagram account has the most likes.  Here they are!  I’m thinking you are all really digging my ombre quilt!  I’m going to be mailing it off to the quilter tomorrow so it shouldn’t be too long until I finish that gal up.

I do have a few goals for 2018 in my creative world.  Here’s my list (for now):

  1. Finish all six Project QUILTING Challenges for Season 9
  2. Finish a couple of samplers I have the blocks made for …they just need either the setting and/or borders.
  3. Write and release new quilt patterns.
  4. Run an amazingly awesome, inspiring and fun Dresden Neighborhood Sew Along.
  5. CREATE quilts!


  1. Congrats on all you lovely finishes!

  2. 37 quilts finished is very impressive indeed. I completed like one quilt and maybe three pillowcases last year. =) Well, I wish you a great and productive 2018.


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