DIY Cloth Napkins

Every year at my orchard I have a big craft sale called the “Hand Crafted Hoedown for the Holidays.” I like to make some things that help me use up my stash and also makes me a little bit of money too. 


This year I whipped up some cute cloth napkins using layer cakes!  They are easy peasy and turn into really cute re-usuable cloth napkins!


I made some that were Christmas themed and some that could be used all year round. IMG_8549 I didn’t take any process pictures but all you do is sew two pieces of a layer cake right sides together 1/4” all around the squares – leaving about a 4-inch space not sewing together.  Flip like you would when you make a pillow.  Press the seams sharply, making sure to tuck the 4-inch not sewn space under.  Top stitch an 1/8-inch around the entire napkin edge!  Voila!  You have an adorable cloth napkin!

I sold quite a few at my sale but if I can get my act together you may see a few in my etsy shop over the next week or so …

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