Trim the Tree and Deck the Halls

In my mission to get some “Christmas Spirit” I decided it was time to get the house decorated!  Now – I couldn’t hang ornaments until the girls got home because that’s definitely a family thing but I could do some of the other decorating while they were at school.

Christmas Tree Collection

The first thing I did was put up my tree collection.  Instead of santas or snowmen … I collect trees! I don’t have a good picture of it but I also tied a bunch of shatterproof ornaments from ribbons and hung them over our kitchen table.  If you check out my instagram stories you should see a peak at this crazy!  Luckily my husband loves my crazy and thought it looked cool instead of being mad about the holes in the ceiling Winking smile!


Once the girls got home from school we started trimming the tree right away.  They had gymnastics but Cedi had a sore throat so we thought tonight would be a good night to take a break and get the decorating done. I love all the memories that come back when I hang ornaments on the tree.  The angel about is 35 years old!  My godparents gave it to me for my very first Christmas.


I have a lot of cousins so when my grandma passed away we each just got one or two things to remember her by.  I got a juice glass (she always gave us tang in the morning!) and her collection of bells for the Christmas tree.  Each year when I hear them ring I think of my grandma.IMG-8413 We have a cottage style house so we cut down a tall tree from our backyard.  This year it’s only about 16-feet and it’s definitely a Charlie Brown tree – just how I like it!  We had the tree decorated by 6:30 with minimal yelling and fighting … I call that a win!  IMG-8414I don’t know if I have my Christmas spirit just yet but today definitely helped!


  1. Your tree looks great! I can relate to your lack of Christmas Spirit. Perhaps our Spirits are hanging out somewhere together, someplace warm.... LOL Love your tree collection too!

  2. Love your tree! Thank you for sharing your ornaments, it is always special hanging up the memories.

  3. Tang!!! I remember those days. So happy to see the ornaments and bells. I haven't found my holiday spirit yet. I'm trying to kick the hubby in the pants to get the decorations out. All I hear is "Bah, Humbug!"

  4. My Mom use to sprinkle Tang over yogurt...way back in the day! I love Charlie Brown tree's.


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