February Inspiration for the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL

I had so much fun checking out the special holidays in January, I thought I’d do it again for February (and the rest of the year).  I will still share with you something special to help inspire a more specific Dresden Neighborhood block on the 9th of each month.  It’s been so fun to watch just how excited folks are about this Sew Along and the ideas that are popping up all over the place – especially in my “Quilt and Dream Along with Kim Lapacek” facebook group.


One thing I’ve seen a bit is the idea to make special holiday/seasons Dresden Neighborhoods.  Even though I’m not going to share any of my work I thought it would be good to make sure you have a list of all the holidays and other special days in February in case you want to get started today!

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We all know that February 41th is valentine’s day.  Quilted Works has a kit for this particular Dresden Neighborhood for sale in their online shop!  How adorable is that? And I love the color combo!

You can find all the bizarre and unique holidays HERE – I’m just going to highlight a few I think would be fun to incorporate into a house!

February 2nd – Groundhog’s Day

February 2nd – Bubble Gum Day (first Friday of the month)

February 3rd – Feed the Birds Day

February 4th – Superbowl 52

February 6th, 1935 – The board game Monopoly first went on sale

February 9th – National Pizza Day

February 11th – Umbrella Day

February 12th – Abe Lincoln’s birthday (perhaps a stove pip hat as a roof?)

February 13 – Mardi Gras

February 15 – National Gum Drop Day

February 16  - Chinese New Years

February 18 – National Drink Wine Day

February 20 – Chery Pie Day

February 22 – National Margarita Day

February 26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

February 28 – Public Sleeping Day

I’ll be back here on the blog on January 9th with another fun inspirational idea for your Dresden Neighborhood this month!

Don’t forget to share your progress on instagram with hashtags #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL and #DresdenNeighborhood!


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