Unscripted in Mint–Finally … A Modern Mini Quilt

Finally … I focused long enough this month and actually finished something!  I’ve had such a hard time focusing this month.  I knew I wanted to participate in the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge but I didn’t know that I’d actually be able to sit down and finish anything the way I’ve had a hard time accomplishing anything lately!  Unscripted in Mint by Kim lapacekBut I did it!  I created a Modern Mini Quilt for the Quilt Expos Challenge and I’m thrilled!  I used the cherrywood fabric bits left over from past Friendship Pineapples I’ve created.  Simply by matching 1” strips that were the same length together and starting to sew my quilt “Unscripted in Mint” began.  Unscripted in Mint by Kim lapacekI had chosen a solid mint as my main background fabric when I began and I made sure to incorporate that into the other 1” strip piecing.  I also sewed some slight curves into the pieces as I went.  I used my walking foot and some fancy machine stitches to do the quilting on this piece.  I love using my walking foot to quilt. It always just seems to come out nicely. Unscripted in Mint by Kim lapacek Another little trick of mine is that I purposely add slight curves into my line quilting.  As long as I don’t try to be perfect it looks like everything is just the way it’s meant to be.  Of course I used Aurifil thread for the quilting – Aurifil 50 wt, 2835. 

This final piece measures at 18” x 20” and I’d love if you could visit it on facebook and let folks know what you think of it!  Also be sure to check out the other entries – they’re incredible and you may even recognize a few inspired by my Dresden Neighborhood pattern!

I think I’m going to create a series of “Unscripted” quilts … starting with one for the newest Curated Quilts Challenge.


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Here are a few books that I reference when working on modern challenges.

Here’s a few great classes on how to use your walking foot for quilting!

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Month 5: Architectural Elements for the Dresden Neighborhood Sew Along

Hello everyone!  Are you all excited to see what the theme is for the fifth month of the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL?  I’m excited that I actually have my entire neighborhood put together in time for this post!  (I did finish April, btw – see it here). I have quite a collection of different fabrics.  I often get asked how I decide what to buy and typically my answer is that the fabric tells me to buy it.  Architectural Element Dresden Neighborhood by Kim LapacekI have been on the lookout for fabrics that look like materials houses could be made of for awhile now and finally my collection is large enough that I could make an entire Dresden Neighborhood out of them!

In fact – I have collected enough special fabrics that I’ve been able to even put together pre-cut Dresden Neighborhood House kits that include architecturally inspired fabrics in varying scales, colors, and textures.  Not all the kits are exactly the same but they do all include 20 architecturally inspired prints.  Stripes Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek

You can use these 20 fabrics to either make one Dresden Neighborhood or use one (stripes neighborhood) or two or Prism Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacekeven three (prism neighborhood) realistic prints to add an unexpected element to the typically whimsical Dresden Neighborhood.

Now it’s your turn!  Let’s see what you come up with for your  Dresden Neighborhood for the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL!  Feel free to share photos in my facebook group “Quilt and Dream Along with Kim Lapacek”, post to instagram with the hashtag #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL and/or link up below!


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Finally … A May Off Season Project QUILTING Challenge

Happy May … 2nd everyone!  Are you ready for another off season Project QUILTING Challenges.  6 people created projects for Aprils challenge – April Fools.  If you missed the first off season challenge – no worries!  You can join in as many or as few off season challenges as you’d like. 
How are the off season challenges different from a normal challenge?  The biggest differences are that you get a whole month to complete the challenge and there are no prizes!  These challenges are here for inspiration and camaraderie (are you in the Challenge quilt group yet?)
magnolia photograph by Kim Lapacek

Finally …

finally (as in, finally spring, finally finished, finally back to sewing). That’s your inspiration for May – Finally.
1. Your project should be inspired by the day/phrase “Finally ...’”
2. Incomplete or unfinished does not qualify. Every challenge piece must be a FINISHED project seen through from INCEPTION to COMPLETION during the challenge timeline (May 2, 2018 through May 31st, 2018). Each piece must stand alone as DONE to count toward prizes. 
3. Please remember that these projects need to be created during the week of the challenge (started on or after May 2, finished by May 31)
4. Your project does not need to be a traditional quilt, but must meet at least one of these requirements:
  • Include patchwork.
  • Include appliqué.
  • Have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine. 55
5. Link up a blog post, instagram post, or public facebook post to the linky at the bottom of THIS PAGE by Thursday, May 31st at noon CDT. Alternately, you may email the picture and description to {lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com} with PROJECT QUILTING in the subject line by 11am on Thursday, May 31st. Yes - that deadline is one hour earlier because it requires more work for Kim (which she is FINE with).
When you create your PQ entry's blog post or instagram, please include:5714425860_1655aa5cba_z
  • a description of your creative process,
  • the overall size of your project (it's so hard to tell in a picture!)
  • where you are (ie, I create in Lodi WI)
If you decide to just directly upload your image to the link up party please email Kim {lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com} this information so she can share it with everyone else.
  • Please use the hashtag #pqOffSeason and/or #projectquiltingwhen posting on social networking sites to help spread the word about this fabulous quilting challenge!
  • Share progress pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and your blog - seeing your process and how you get to the final project is part of the fun!
  • Make sure you like Project QUILTING on Facebook.
  • We have created a ‘Challenge Quilts’ Facebook Group for you to share your thoughts, questions, and friendship on PQ and other quilting challenges. Just ask to join.

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May Inspiration for the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL

Happy May Day! We’re enjoying some warm days here in Wisconsin and I’m anxiously waiting for the apple trees to bloom (it will be at least a few weeks yet).  Today I’m going to share with you some of the fun days of May in case you’re doing a holiday theme/special day them fro your Dresden Neighborhood blocks.

I will still share with you something special to help inspire a more specific Dresden Neighborhood block on the 9th of each month.  It’s been so fun to watch just how excited folks are about this Sew Along and the ideas that are popping up all over the place – especially in my “Quilt and Dream Along with Kim Lapacek” facebook group.


You can find more bizarre and unique holidays HERE – I’m just going to highlight a few I think would be fun to incorporate into a house!

May 1st - May Day

May 4th – Star Wars Day

May 5th – Cinco de Mayo

May 6th – National Nurses Day

May 8th – National Teacher’s Day

May 12th – National Train Day

May 13th – Mother’s Day

May 14th – Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 15th – Ramadan

May 19th – Armed Forces Day

May 22nd – World Goth Day

May 24th – Victoria Day (Canada)

May 26th – National Jazz Day

May 28th – National Hamburger Day

May 31st – National Macaroon Day

I’ll be back here on the blog on May 9th with another fun inspirational idea for your Dresden Neighborhood this month!

Don’t forget to share your progress on instagram with hashtags #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL and #DresdenNeighborhood!

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