Month 7: Liberty and Linen for the Dresden Neighborhood Sew Along

Good afternoon everyone! I’m really excited to share with you the theme for the seventh month of the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL! I’ve been frantically finishing mine up and writing up this post between swimming lessons, the gym and seeing my new nephew!  I want to remind you all that the themes I post each month are just suggestions, ideas, or starting off point. If you don’t want to make a neighborhood with that specific theme –it’s ok!  Just make whatever neighborhood you want!

Don’t have the pattern yet?  Get it on Craftsy or Etsy!  OR ask your local quilt shop to order it from me!

Have you ever sewn or even touched Liberty Fabric?  If not I highly recommend seeking it out!  I was exposed to Liberty fabric for the first time when my friend Lucy of CharmedAboutYou sent me a fun container of scraps.  It was love at first touch!Liberty and linen Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek

It didn’t take me long to seek out more Liberty fabric but it’s not the most inexpensive fabric so my stash is quite precious to me.  I knew that it had to be featured in one of the Dresden Neighborhood months though.  The bitty prints and silky feel are just too amazing to not make a neighborhood out of!Liberty and linen Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek

Instead of using the busy Liberty print for the background I chose a gorgeous piece of cream linen – a perfect contrast!  Liberty and linen Dresden Neighborhood by Kim LapacekOne of my favorite things about this sew along is seeing what other folks are doing with their Dresden Neighborhoods!  I’ve seen quite a few folks put circular windows in and I just had to give them a try too.  Circle windows will definitely be found on future neighborhoods of mine!

Liberty and linen Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek

All stitching on here was done using Aurifil 2835 thread – a perfect minty color!

If you don’t have any Liberty fabric – what should you do for this month?  Well – I would pick out your favorite fabrics and make a favorite fabric Dresden Neighborhood!  It could be all from the same line or a bunch of different ones!  Do you have a stash of fabrics your afraid to cut into?  This would be a great project to start!  You don’t have to use much of the fabric and then you’ll see just how gorgeous it looks when it’s actually being USED and not just hanging out on your shelves.

Now it’s your turn!  Let’s see what you come up with for your  Dresden Neighborhood for the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL!  Feel free to share photos in my facebook group “Quilt and Dream Along with Kim Lapacek”, post to instagram with the hashtag #DresdenNeighborhoodSALand/or link up below! If you’re ok with me sharing your version of the Dresden Neighborhood please let me know!  I love to do round ups on the blog.



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