Month 8: Black and White Kim-Style for the Dresden Neighborhood Sew Along

Hello everyone!  It’s been a crazy day!  I started out my day with the lovely ladies of the Mt Horeb Hands All Around Quilt Group where I gave my talk “Challenge Quilts”.  The ladies were lovely and seemed to really enjoy the talk.  It was also fun because my two oldest daughters played “Vanna” for me for the first time.  Then it was home for a few hours before we had to head over to the optometrists to get eyes checked.  Two need glasses and one is good.  Tonight my parents took two of my kiddo’s for the weekend and Cedi’s going to stay home with us to help us prep for apple season at Lapacek’s Orchard.  Whew!  It was a busy day! (Did I mention the older two also had basketball camp to go to tonight).

The paragraph above is just a tiny glimpse at the crazy the summer at my house has been.  My dreams of sewing all day long, organizing my recently flooded sewing room, and writing up new patterns quickly dissolved and flew out the window.  But the memories I made with my kids was well worth the time lost!

Black and White Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek

I have still found tiny bits of sewing time and that includes getting the Dresden Neighborhood blocks for the sew along done.  The theme for this months’ #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL is Black and White … Kim Style. Now … my block is not quite done.  It still needs roofs, doors, windows and a center circle but you can get the idea of where I’m going with this.  Black and White fabricsOn Tuesday, I was at Blue Bar Quilts picking up the quilts from my “Challenge Accepted.” quilt exhibit and I picked up a few … well … 20 fun black and white fat quarters to cut into for my latest Dresden Neighborhood. There were just so many fun ones I couldn’t resist.

black white and orange dot fabricWhat makes this a black and white …Kim Style theme is that not all the fabrics I chose are purely black and white.  There’s one print that looks almost like it’s cream instead of white but if you look really close there are actually tiny orange dots in there!  I just LOVE that surprise! 

stripes in black and fuchsia

I couldn’t resist.  I also have a black stripe print that is mixed with fuchsia stripes in the opposite direction creating the image of polka dots.  And of course there’s also a bit of gold mixed in on one of the black fabrics … just because I could.  But really … this is a Black and White themed neighborhood …right Trish!?

Black and White Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek

I contemplated finding a very neutral background … a subtle grey or even a white … but I just couldn’t.  Instead I picked this “Fiesta Fun Happy Streamers” fabric by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics.  I think I prefer it in the vertical orientation but I have until the quilt is put together to make the final decision on that.

Now … for the roofs … I’m thinking that a black house may have a black roof, and white with a white roof … or … we’ll see what happens!  Stay tuned and watch my instagram account to see what I’m up to as I finish this block up!

Now it’s your turn!  Let’s see what you come up with for your  Dresden Neighborhood for the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL!  Feel free to share photos in my facebook group “Quilt and Dream Along with Kim Lapacek”, post to instagram with the hashtag #DresdenNeighborhoodSALand/or link up below! If you’re ok with me sharing your version of the Dresden Neighborhood please let me know!  I love to do round ups on the blog.



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