Month 12: Around the World for the Dresden Neighborhood Sew Along

It’s hard for me to believe that we’re at the twelfth and final month of the Dresden Neighborhood Sew Along.  It has definitely been a challenge coming up with twelve different themes for the Neighborhoods – not because I couldn’t figure them out – but because there are just so many possibilities.  I hope that you take this sew along and use it as inspiration for your next Dresden Neighborhood block – and be sure to share whatever you come up with me!

Around the World Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek

Today’s inspiration is “Around the World".”  I took iconic buildings from around the world and created special Dresden Wedge Templates for the buildings. 

The buildings featured today are Eiffel Towerthe Eiffel Tour,


the Forbidden City, Leaning Tower of Pisa

the Leaning Tower of Pisa,Lotus Temple

the Lotus Temple and petronas towers

the Petronas Towers. 

You can get your very own templates for these five special Around the World Dresden Wedge Templates on my craftsy page HERE.

Today I’ll show you some tips and tricks on how to fit these special wedges into your neighborhood.  I’m not going to show you the whole process step by step though … that’s what the pattern you purchased is for.  If you are confused with anything from your pattern though don’t hesitate to contact me with questions via email:  lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com… I’m happy to help!

Each special building wedge is equivalent to TWO standard Dresden wedges. For example: if you decide to use one building wedge you would only need 18 regular Dresden wedges for the houses.

REMEMBER: 1 Double Wedge replaces 2 Regular Dresden Wedges


Dresden Neighborhood Pattern
Around the World Dresden Wedge Templates


Dresden Ruler
Double Wide Dresden Ruler
Heat N Bond Lite
Heat N Bond UltraHold
Super sharp scissors
Violet Craft Violet Seam Roller

Instructions for specialty wedges:

My special buildings were all created using the Double Wide Dresden ruler as a template.


Before we can add all the details to each special building we have to build our Dresden Wedge.  Each building is a double wide wedge so it accounts for two standard wedges.  Time to do a little math to see how many regular houses are needed for this neighborhood.

Forbidden City – 2 regular wedges
Lotus Temple – 2 regular wedges
Eiffel Toer – 2 regular wedges
Leaning Tower of Pisa – 2 regular wedges
Petronas Towers; two buildings plus the bridge – 6 regular wedges

The special buildings consume 14 regular wedges meaning six standard houses will be needed to complete the Dresden Neighborhood circle. Follow the instructions in the Dresden Neighborhood pattern to create these six standard houses.

Lotus Temple

The shape of this Dresden Wedge building is unique and while you could trace it onto your fabric and cut it carefully out, I would recommend fusing this particular building to Heat N Bond Lite. 

This is a situation where I’m really happy that ThermoWeb makes HeatNBond Ez-Print Lite sheets.  Fusible paper that can go right into your inkjet printer and print the template exactly!  This is much more accurate than tracing the details by hand.Heat N Bond EZ-Print Lite Sheets

Once the Dresden wedge is printed you can fuse it to the fabric you chose for the main portion of the building.


I decided to use a lighter blue for the base and then I traced the details of the building onto Heat N Bond Lite and fused it to a darker blue. To keep it extremely accurate, I used my Double Wide Dresden Ruler to cut out the bottom and sides of the church.  I then carefully cut the rest of the details with a small, sharp scissors.

IMG_1319When you’re ready to sew the Lotus Temple wedge into the whole neighorhood plate feel free to leave the paper on.  This helps guide the wedges through your sewing machine without needing a special foot or worrying about the fusible sticking.  Once you have both sides of the plate sewn together simply peel the paper layer off just like you do when paper piecing. Because the Lotus Temple wedge has fusible on it, the seams cannot be pressed with an iron when adding it into the neighborhood.  Instead I tried my new Violet Craft Violet Seam Roller.  It allowed me to press the seam sharply without using the heat of an iron.

IMG_1327Don’t add the final details to any of the buildings until the entire Dresden circle is stitched onto the background fabric.  Once the base of each building is secured (either stitched or fused) it will be time to add the details.  IMG_1328Carefully cut out the smaller pieces of the Lotus Temple and fuse them into place.  Since this was done with Heat N Bond Lite they all need to be stitched down to secure them.  IMG_1329One could do this by hand but I decided to do a simple straight stitch around all the edges and to add the other details of the building.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Once again – this is an odd shaped building that I recommend printing onto HeatNBond Ez-Print Lite sheetsIMG_1313If you want your tower to lean to the left, print the sheet that shows it leaning right and vice versa (I included both options).  Print a second copy of whichever side you chose to regular paper to use as tracing template.IMG_1314Cut the building out carefully on the two edges that will be sewn to other wedges.  You don’t have to worry about cutting out the exact ledge details as we will fuse those bits on later in the process.  IMG_1326-001Follow the same process as you did with the Lotus Temple to stitch the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the rest of the blocks. Looking back, I wish I would have made the house adjacent to the tower shorter than the tower instead of taller.  I just think it would have made the whole “leaning” thing pop a bit more.


Trace each of the “door” elements onto fusible.  I did this two rows at a time.  I didn’t want to do it all at once since they are pretty small pieces.  IMG_1333I found that two rows worked well since then I could adjust the height as needed for the ledge bits. 

Before I knew it the entire Leaning Tower of Pisa had all of it’s fun details.


Because these are smaller pieces I did chose to fuse them onto Heat N Bond Ultra Hold Fusible.  This allows me to only have to iron them in place and I don’t have to go back and stitch anything down. It definitely saves me a lot of time doing this with the smaller pieces.

The Eiffel Tower

This template is going to be a combination of piecing and raw edge applique.  The base of the structure can actually just be a solid wedge.  IMG_1326-001

Start with a 3” wedge of fabric cut from the double wide dresden ruler.  I chose to mimic the Eiffel Tower when it’s lit up in Red, White and Blue so my base is red. IMG_1339I traced the negative space of the tower base onto Heat N Bond lite and fused it to the same fabric I used as the background of this particular neighborhood.IMG_1340

I felt this was easier than cutting out all those curvy details.

The remainder of the tower was traced onto fusible, fused to the fabrics I chose, and then fused onto the piece.  IMG_9467

I will need to stich all this down with either my machine or by hand before putting the final quilt together since it was done with Heat N Bond Lite.

The Forbidden City


Hold the space for the Forbidden City with a 4.75” double wedge base.


I wanted the roofs of my Forbidden City to be gold and the columns to be red.  IMG_1346I realized that columns of the Forbidden city don’t go all the way through just to air so I also traced a shape to go behind the lower columns.


I’ll be adding details to the stairs and building with stitching … I’m still not sure if it will be by hand or with a machine.  I’ll keep you posted!

The Petronas Towers


The base of the Petronas Towers should be made using two 4.75” double wide wedges.

IMG_1322For the first time ever I won’t be sewing my Dresden Neighborhood into a complete circle.  Because of this, press the long edge of the double wide Petronas Tower plates under 1/4-inch.  IMG_1323

Trace the bridge of the Petronas Towers onto fusible and fuse them between the two buildings so they go under the edges just a bit.IMG_1348

Trace the Petronas Towers levels onto fusible and fuse them to the corresponding fabric.  I used an ombre black fabric and fused onto two different tones of the fabric.  IMG_1349When I fused the towers into place I alternated the tones as I built the towers upwards.  I will need to stich the edges of the towers since I did use a lite fusible for these details.

I know this seemed a bit intense.  It was probably the most detailed neighborhood I constructed this year.  The whole thing really did go together faster than I thought.  If it seems too much for you – feel free to just use one or two or three of the buildings!  It’s definitely not necessary to add them all to one neighborhood!

Now it’s your turn!  Let’s see what you come up with for your Dresden Neighborhood for the #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL!  Feel free to share photos in my facebook group “Quilt and Dream Along with Kim Lapacek”, post to instagram with the hashtag #DresdenNeighborhoodSAL.  If you’re not feeling this months theme – feel free to use whatever theme/idea you have!


New Hobby - Weaving

I don’t know if this was a good idea or not but I’ve taken up a new hobby – weaving.  I’m just starting on my first project and I’m loving every minute of it. 


If quilting is like painting with fabric then weaving is like painting with fiber. I’m playing it fairly safe for this first project but I can’t wait to play with fibers of different thickness and textures as I continue to create! 

I’ve found some really great weaving tutorials on YouTube but if you have any favorites you’d like to share with me feel free to leave a comment!


Day 8 of the #31DayBlogWritingChallenge.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Season 10 of Project QUITLING!

Can you believe that this year will be the 10th season of Project QUILTING?  I can’t believe that the little idea I had back in 2010 would bloom into such an inspiration for some many people all over the world.  I don’t know about you, but I think this next season is going to be the most epic yet!  And the 10th season is just over a month a away. The first challenge goes up on January 6th at Noon, CST right here on this blog.


I’ve been busy behind the scenes pulling together sponsors and prizes for you all.  The list of prizes is growing and the excitement is building!  I have a lot of fun things planned … stay tuned for an announcement for a Mystery Sew Along that will happen just before the tenth season starts to really get folks excited!

Anyway – I did send out some specific emails for sponsorship opportunities but I wanted to put the opportunity out there so if you or anyone/any company you know would like to join in the fun you can!

Here is the deal:


Running 12 weeks during January, February, and March, Project QUILTING is a series of online challenges for quilters held on my blog, Persimon Dreams. I post a new challenge every two weeks; participants have a week to meet the challenge and link up their final projects to the blog. Then, since it's a little intense to make a quilt a week, there's a week off to catch up with life.

Past sponsors have provided gift certificates, patterns, fabric, buttons, postcards, and other fun things which are awarded several ways:

  • All completed entries are entered in a random prize drawing after the challenge deadline.
  • After voting during the off week, a Viewer's Choice winner is announced.
  • At the end of the season, a Grand Prize is drawn. Each completed project gets an entry, along with a bonus entry awarded to anyone completing the season's full slate of challenges.

What are the sponsorship opportunities?  

Weekly sponsors: Variable frequency: a week, a month, or the season!
Cost: prize value of $10+

  • Get tagged at least 2/week on Instagram during the week(s) you sponsor.
  • Get tagged at least 2/week on Facebook posts, spread out among the Project QUILTING page, Persimon Dreams page, and Challenge Quilts Group.
  • Get linked in my weekly newsletter.
  • Featured in 2 blog posts: weekly prize preview and prize announcement

Grand prize sponsor: Support the drawing at the conclusion of the season.
Cost: prize value of $25+

  • Get tagged at least 6 times on Instagram throughout the season in the grand prize posts.
  • Get mentioned and tagged at least 8 times on Facebook throughout the season in grand prize posts.
  • Get linked in at least 13 email newsletters throughout the pre-season and season
  • Featured in 2 blog posts: grand prize preview and the final grand prize announcement.

If you’d like to sponsor Project QUILTING email me at: lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com with details about what you’d like to donate, your logo and the website/social media sites you’d like me to link to.


  • 6,700+ Instagram followers
  • 5,100+ people like Project Quilting on Facebook
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  • 1,700+ members of the Challenge Quilts group on Facebook
  • 1,400+ newsletter subscribers
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The 9th season of Project QUILTING (2018)

• 12 weeks
• 6 challenges
• 667 quilts completed

In 9 seasons of Project QUILTING challenges 2,853 quilts have been started and finished for the weekly challenges!


Feel free to donate any monetary amount by sending money to:


and then add this button to your blog/facebook/instagram.


Thank you again for all your support and I can’t wait to see what is created during Season 10!  Remember – the first challenge is posted right here, on this blog, at Noon CST on Sunday, January 6th, 2019!

Tomte’s Everywhere!

It’s time once again for the #mossandlotustomteSAL2018 and I was thrilled to join in the fun!

If you want to join in the fun too be sure to get your patterns from Moss and Lotus on Etsy!

tomte sew alongThe pictures I am showing here all came from the TOMTE Bundle … I still have plans to make Pernille, Gunda and the Snowglobes Tomte’s but I haven’t quite gotten that far yet.  The Tomte Bundle is how you can get the Tiny Tomte 2” mini charm block patterns. 

Botany Fabric by Kelly Ventura for Windham FabricsI used the fabric “Botany” collection by Kelly Ventura for Windham Fabrics to make all these Tomte blocks.  It turned out to be the perfect bundle for these wintery scenes!

tomte nes with decofoilHere’s my first little Tomte dude – Nes.  I used the strip of fabric I trimmed off my “Strip Trees and Snowflakes” mini quilt as the background.  The bits of decofoil-ed snowflakes were absolutely perfect!

tomte nesThe second simple block is “Nes” Holding a Tree & Lantern.  It’s the same base as before but with some adorable fun details added to the background!  I pulled out my “For Good Measure” Clothespins set to use as photo props – so glad I found these!

  TomteMy next fellow is Peder Tomte.  I just love his whimsical hat!

tomte house

It’s not a proper Tomte village without a Tomte House.

tomte tree

And that house needs some trees to go with it!  The house and trees come together in one pattern.

tomte halvorHalvor Tomte not only has an awesome hat but he has a set of trees to go next to him too.

tomte mini

I love tiny things so these tiny bonus 2” Tomte blocks from the Tomte Bundle make me smile.

Be sure to keep an eye on all the #mossandlotustomteSAL2018 fun by watching the hashtag on instagram!


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Wednesday Wish List–Tea, Games, and Creativity

I absolutely love giving gifts. Seriously.  I’m the person that shops for folks all year round.  The tricky part for me is to actually save the gifts (in a place I remember) until a special occasion … I tend to just hand them out willy-nilly!  Gift giving is definitely my “love language” which is a good thing and a bad thing.  It happens to be a great thing at Christmas so on this post – I’m going to give you some great ideas for holiday shopping.  These are all affiliate links to amazon.  I do want to tell you that if you have an opportunity to shop local – do so!  It is so important to keep our money in our communities – but I realize that is not always possible.  Even if you don’t buy anything I recommend here, I hope it gives you a few ideas to get you jump started for the holiday season.  I’ll hit on three different types of people today and then tune in again in a week to see what other ideas I have in mind.

For the tea lover …

My absolute favorite tea is Harney & Sons Paris.  I love this in the morning, in the afternoon, seeped in water, seeped in apple cider. It’s seriously one of the best things I’ve ever discovered!

I recently got this adorable elephant mug for myself and it has quickly become one of my favorites!  It’s absolutely perfect for my cup of Paris Tea!

For the Game Player

If you’re a lover of games – you can’t go wrong with a decent dart board.  Darts is a forgotten game of fun that is great for social situations.  It’s great for all ages!

If they already have a dart board – it never hurts to get a new set of darts!  Those darn tips are always breaking!

Another game my family has been enjoying this past year is a Catan.  It’s a game of strategy and luck.  My whole family enjoys it – ages 39 all the way down to 7!

For the Creator

I don’t care how old you are – if you are into creating you will love Shrinky Dinks.  I went to a retreat a few years ago and I think the “Shrinky Dink” night was the most fun. I then went and got supplies for my kiddo’s and we’ve spent many afternoons creating them.  There are a lot of kits available but I personally prefer keeping it simple and starting with just the blank sheets – either in crystal clear or frosted.

If you’re going to make shrinky dinks you’re going to want to a good set of Sharpies to go with them!

The final thing I will feature today is not found on Amazon but is rather a monthly box subscription.  I purchased this for myself for my birthday this past year … yes, I do that … and I’m so happy I did.sketchbox

It’s Sketch Box.  Each month a new box full of fun new art tools – from markers, to paper, water colors, inks, etc, arrive in my mailbox.  It’s been a great way to try out different medias and to encourage yourself and/or friends and family to take time to just draw.  I truly have loved this subscription the most of all the boxes I’ve ever gotten. 

Well – those are my recommendations for this weeks “Wednesday Wish List.”  I hope this gives you some ideas and please leave a comment if you like this type of post. 

*some posts on this blog contain affiliate links to vendors such as Amazon - at no additional cost to you. The small amount of affiliate income I earn allows me to bring you free patterns and DIY tutorials, as well as pay for domain fees. For more information, please visit my Disclosure Statement and Advertising Policies page.