Caravan of Geese–Quilt by Diane Lapacek

When I first started designing patterns for the “book I was going to write” I had some folks do some pattern testing for me.  One of those folks was my mother-in-law, Diane.  I gave her my pattern “Caravan of Geese” in extremely rough, rather large form, and let her do her magic.

Caravan of Geese by Kim LapacekJust as a reminder … this is what my final quilt looked like.  It’s a pattern for a decent size lap quilt.Caravan of Geese by Diane Lapacek

Well – the rough pattern I sent to Diane was a bit larger than I realize and she created this stunningly beautiful but HUGE quilt!Caravan of Geese by Diane Lapacek

She used all of her scraps to create this stunning quilt and decided to lay it out in this stunning diagonal color block.Caravan of Geese by Diane Lapacek

As I continue to release more patterns you’ll see that I encourage you to follow my methods BUT feel free to use creative freedom to choose your fabrics and layouts.Caravan of Geese by Diane Lapacek

I also think this would be a fabulous pattern to do as a swap!  The scrappier the better!  This quilt was huge so for the pattern I did cut it down quite a bit.  You’d be able to make large quilt by simply adding rows/columns to the patterned version.

If you love this quilt (or my version) you can purchase the pattern on my etsy site here or on my craftsy site here.

All photos were taken by the lovely Karmen Lindner Photography.

This is my first post for day 1 of the #31DayBlogWritingChallenge.

Caravan of Geese - quilt by Diane Lapacek, pattern by Kim Lapacek


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