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Hi!  Welcome to Persimon Dreams (formerly known as KimsCraftyApple).
I am a 30+ year old mother, wife, artist, apple orchardist, retired civil engineer, and entrepreneur.
I’m currently in a major quilting phase of my creative endeavors. In 2010, I came up with the concept for Project QUILTING and since we’ve started the challenges 2200 quilts have been created and hundreds of dollars worth of prizes have been given away.
I’m a HUGE fan of quilt alongs.  It’s really helped me hone my piecing skills and try things I never thought I would try before (ie New York Beauty Blocks).  Also – they’ve been great for helping me use up my scrap stash!  Whatever level of quilter you are, don’t rule out a quilt along  just because you don’t need ‘another’ sampler quilt – there is so much to learn out there – you’ll surprise even yourself!

When I am not in the quilting mood I also really enjoy making jewelry.  I know – you’re thinking, “ANOTHER Jewelry Maker!?”  So many people are making jewelry these days.  I do like to think the jewelry I make is unique and fun compared to what other’s are making.  My jewelry tends to be bright, quirky and unexpected.  I find and take things you may not think to put together and make into a ring or a pair of earrings and to it – and it works!  I hope you enjoy following along with what I come up with next!
Because to me there’s no such thing as creative block – I also dabble in painting, paper crafts, and whatever comes to mind at the time!  One of my current favorite outdoor projects is the fairy garden I’m putting together at my apple orchard.

When I’m not creating I am a mother to three beautiful girls – Mercedi (upper left), Capri (lower right), and my newest addition, Persimoni Mae.  Which brings me to my name ‘Persimon Dreams’.

an updated picture of my girls…by Karmen Linder Photography
Why did I decide to name myself “Persimon Dreams’?
Well, I chose Persimon after my last daughter Persimoni. I did run it by the older girls first so they wouldn’t feel bad and they okay’d the name – it helps too that we don’t actually call her Persimoni – we call her Pip.  We didn’t put two m’s in her name like the fruit, Persimmon, so I didn’t put two in my name either.  The ‘Dreams’ portion of my name comes from where most of my ideas come from – in my dreams – the one’s right before you wake up in the morning.  Inspiration and ideas have come to me countless times this way that I always know I can count on my dreams to help me create.
I also have to give a shout out to my incredible supportive husband.  He supports all my ideas and craziness unconditionally.  When I tell him I’m out of room for storing supplies he doesn’t tell me to stop buying more or to just use what I have – he builds me more shelves.  When I’m being cranky he sends me down to my work room to create something – he knows it will help my mood.  He watches the kiddo’s when I spend a day away at a craft sale.  When I have an idea that I need something built for – he makes it.
From August 15th until the day before Thanksgiving you can find all my creative goodness for sale not only on etsy but in my apple shop at our orchard.
Lapacek’s Orchard
N1959 Kroncke Rd
Poynette, WI 53955
You’ll also find delicious, fresh apples, caramel apples, apple cider donuts, unpasteurized cider, canned goods, apple accessories, and so much more.  It’s a great place to bring your family to play on the equipment, meet the animals, and go for a stroll through the orchard.
I do travel to guilds/groups/stores to do talks about ‘My Quilting Journey‘.
My talk is about an hour and I can easily add to or shorten this to your groups desire.  The hour I talked focused on three things:
  1. my journey as a quilter – including some of my very first quits
  2. how challenges have shaped the quilter I’m becoming
  3. my addiction to quilt along’s and/or ‘Block of the Months’
If you would like to  have me talk to your group about my ‘Quilting Journey’ feel free to contact me by email:  lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com or give me a call 608-635-4780.
If you are in the Poynette, WI area and want to stop out and see what I have feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to work out a time for you to visit!
 I’ve been featured!  Check out the other blogs and websites that have featured me and my art work:

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