Home Sweet Home Quilt Along

Putting together my bee quilt
I saw this quilt by Aneela Hoey over 9 months ago.  I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind – I just LOVE it!

So – here’s what I am proposing – a House and Tree Quilt–Along!
That’s right – a tutorial for a block with either a house or a tree (or both) in it will be posted on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s during ‘off’ weeks of Project QUILTING.  Why am I doing this to myself – I seriously LOVE this quilt and ‘house’ quilts have caught my eye for a long time.
I figure if I do this during the off weeks of Project QUILTING I should get quite a few people to join along.

I talked to Aneela Hooey about my idea since her quilt was my inspiration.  She thought it was a great idea but has too many obligations this year to participate.  BUT she did give me a link to a house and tree tutorial on her blog so you can always start with those and work your own design off there.  

The blocks designed are 12.5” x 12.5” (so it’s a finished 12” square).  
Each one has a house, a tree, or both incorporated somehow into the block.  

Pick your Fabrics

Here’s the schedule
Block 1: January 17th – Kim Lapacek - LIVE - My Home
Block 2: Januray 19th – Diane Lapacek - LIVE - Lapacek's Orchard
Block 3: January 24th - PamelaQuilts - LIVE - House by the Bay
Block 4: January 26th - Quilts By Barb - LIVE - My Tilted House
Block 5: January 31st - TerryAskeArtQuilts - LIVE - Two Trees
Block 6: February 2nd - Quilties - LIVE - Tree of Life
Block 7: February 14th - Quilt Jane - LIVE - Under the Moreton Bay Fig
Block 8: February 16th - Kim Lapacek - LIVE - A Wonky Modern House
Block 9: February 28th - CraftyMamaD - LIVE - Scrappy Trees
Block 10: March 1st - Michelle Foster from QuiltingGallery - LIVE - A Home for the Birds
Block 11: March 13th - Prairie Moon Quilts - LIVE - The Happy Tree
Block 12: March 15th - Olive and Ollie - LIVE - the little house
Block 13: March 27th - Around The Quilt Block - LIVE - three trees
Block 14: March 29th -  Melissa Stramel of  Lilac Lane - LIVE - Under the Apple Tree
Block 15: April 3rd - Samelia's Mum - LIVE - A Home for Hoot
Block 16: April 5th - Sally's Ponderings - LIVE - Branch Sweet Branch

BONUS Blocks
accuquilt home
Marcia's Crazee Patch House
Rippling Pond - Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting
Acid Cottage - Love Affair with my Brother

Sashing BONUS

Home Sweet Home Template Correct 
Template for how I pieced my Home Sweet Home Top

Bonus Sashing Tutorials
        1. Four Rectangles
        2. Scrappy Strips
        3. Stepping Strips
        4. Four Squares
        5. Trees in Blossom
        6. Window Trees
        7. Mosaic Tree
        8. Truffula Tree 
        9. Spinning Tree
        10. Hexagon Forest 
        11. Diamonds in the Rough
        12. Shoo Fly Sashing
        13. Geese a Flying
        14. Tall True North Tree
        15. Tall Trees
        16. Wild Trees
        17. Eight Rectangles
        18. Branches Wild
        19. Birds in the Bushes
        20. String a Flower Garden
        21. Steps
        22. Let's Strip
        23. Stripped Squares
        24. Tri-Recs Trees
        25. Hexagon Trees
        26. Strips and Mosaics
        27. Stacked Modern Pine
        28. Suburbia
        29. Tetris
        30. Spinning Pinwheels
        31. Happy Neighborhood
        32. Nine Patch Centered in Red
        33. Drunken Geese
        34. True North Mini Tree
        35. Chevron
        36. Tri Strips
        37. Twelve Rectangles
        38. Zig Zag Pathways
        39. Checkered
        40. Window Panes
        41. Bird House 
        42. Split Hexie Tree
        43. Tall Pinwheel Tree
        44. True North Tree
        45. Zig Zag Sashing
        46. Rail Fence
        47. 36 Patch
        48. Two Rectangles
        49. Stepping Strips 2

    Cornerstone Ideas:
    Fat Quarter Shop Fabric Finds
    Hawthorne Threads Finds

    There's a Flickr Group to post your completed blocks in:  http://www.flickr.com/groups/1850682@N20/

    AND we have a prize now thanks to Barb Raisbeck!

    Anyone that brings a completed 'Home Sweet Home' Quilt to Show and Tell at the 2012 Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend hosted by QuiltsbyBarb will receive a $10 gift certificate to the quilt shop at the retreat in honor of the 10th anniversary.

    One $25 gift certificate to the quilt shop at the retreat will be given to a recipient of the viewer's choice award decided by the retreat attendees.

    Additional qualifications for the above prize:  The quilt must include on the front at least 12 of the 16 blocks from the Quilt Along.  It must also include the blocks designed by Kim Lapacek, Diane Lapacek, and Barb Raisbeck.

    Quilt Along Gallery

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