Season 9 Starts on January 7th, 2018

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Challenge 1: January 7th  - Hometown Proud
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Challenge 2: January 21st - Triangulation
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Challenge 3: February 4th - Bold and Brave
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Challenge 4:  February 18th - Mellow Yellow
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I talked with Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy about Project QUILTING! Click HERE to watch the interview!

Have you finished a quilt inspired by a Project QUILTING Challenge but not within the week of the deadline?  We still want to see it!  Link up your projects HERE!

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Above are 63 quilts that I have personally made as a result of some of the Project QUILTING Challenges so far. These are just a sampling of some of the pieces the challenge has inspired me to make.

Spring Convergence, was accepted and shown at the Madison Quilt Expo in September of 2011.  Celebrate Annie, took 3rd place at the Sun Prairie Heritage, 2013 Quilt Show.  Local Food Grows Strong Communities was accepted and shown at the Madison Quilt Expo in September of 2013.  The Amazing Technicolor Dream heart was accepted and shown at the Madison Quilt Expo in September of 2014 and took second in the 'Art Quilt' category at 2014 Rock Valley Quilt Show. 

So what’s this Project QUILTING thing I keep hearing about?

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Project Runway. I don’t have cable so I always wait patiently for each season to come out on Netflix and then my family knows not to bother me as I watch episode after episode. After watching my first few episodes, I wanted to learn how to make clothes. I know how to sew – so why can’t I make clothes?
After thinking about it for a bit, I decided I really don’t have time for a new ‘project’ right now so I thought more about the show. What do I really like about it? Is it the fashion? Sure, that’s neat but I’m not really a fashion girl. Is it the people? Of course – I absolutely love Heidi and Tim Gunn. But I think my answer is – it’s the challenge. These people are given a task, a few dollars and little time to complete it and they make the most amazing things! I want to do that! I want a challenge – with guidelines for time and end result.
So how can I make this work for my needs – Project QUILTING of course!
Here’s the deal. Trisha Frankland, a talented quilter and teacher herself, is going to post a ‘challenge’ every-other Sunday at Noon during each Season. You will have one week to complete the challenge and link up* your finished quilt to the proper blog post (this part will make sense once you see the challenge), and tell your story of how you decided to solve the challenge the way you did. If you want to make a video to go with it – that of course is a bonus!
Everyone that participates has their name entered in a random weekly prize drawing AND in the final Season Grand Prize Drawing. 
Also, I have to make the disclaimer that I will have NO IDEA as to what the challenge is.  I will be in the same boat as everyone else (except I can't win a prize!).

*linking up - if you have a hard time linking up - don't panic! Another option is to simply email me:  lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com and I will do all the linking up for you!  I don't want anyone to think they can't join in the fun because they struggle with things online.

Where can you find Project QUILTING on Social Media?

Take a look back…***Coming Soon!  I need to relink everything since the move from wordpress - thanks for understanding***
Pre-Season Challenges

Off Season Challenges


  1. That's awesome about your quilts in the Madison and Sun Prairie Quilt Expo/Shows! I lived in Madison for years, and even in Sun Prairie for awhile, but it was before I got into I'm 100 miles north of Madison, and even though a bunch of ladies from the quilt guild and groups locally that I know happen to go every year, I've never seemed to be able and make it for those shows. Maybe one of these days!

  2. Even if you do not have cable, you don't have to wait until the end of the season to see Project Runway. The DAY after a season shows on TV, the full episode is available on The episodes only stay up for a week, I think, then the next one is posted. Better than waiting for Netflix/

  3. How can I join this project quilt? Please send me a link.

  4. I saw you on Sewing with Nancy. I enjoyed your segment and learned of your site. Thanks for being a great online resource.

  5. I am with Sharon, how do you join in on the challenges? (I too am a big fan of Project Runway, I used to do a lot of fashion sewing for myself, and then for my kids) Now I do a little fashion sewing- as little as I can get away with- and I prefer to play with quilting. Do I have to be on flicker? How do I get the notice for the new challenge, and oh well, I think that's enough questions to start with.

  6. The final challenge of season 8 is posted now! All the rules for the challenge are on there but feel free to email me lapaceksorhard @ gmail . com if you have any more questions! Also - you can like "Project QUITLING" on facebook to stay informed and join the "Quilt Challenge" facebook group. There is a "Subscribe to my email list" on the right hand column of the blog.


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