Block 13: Home Sweet Home Quilt Along – Three Trees from Anna Morrison of Around the Quilt Block

Yeah!  It’s time for another new block for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along!  Today I get to introduce you to yet ANOTHER talented quilter that volunteered to share her talents with you.  Before we get to her block, let’s meet our quilter – Anna Morrison of Around the Quilt Block. 

What is your crafting style?

Mixed…and constantly evolving and changing. But, I do tend towards things that are symmetrical and even. I like wonky but I don’t do it well because I tend to like more straight lines.

How did you get started creating?

I have always created since I was a little girl. My mom taught me cross stitch, crochet, and embroidery. I think she tried to teach me to knit, but I didn’t really grasp it until later. I taught myself to quilt after seeing a rag baby blanket about 12 years ago…I decided I wanted to make one as a gift for someone. I’ve been hooked ever since!!!

Do you have a favorite piece?

My favorite quilt that I’ve ever made is probably the quilt I made for one of my niece’s, Myla, when she was born.MylasQuilt

Why is it your favorite? It’s not fancy or anything, but I love how the colors meld together and how it looks a little vintage. Also, the quilting on it (which I didn’t do) is really beautiful.


What is your favorite crafty blog to follow/read?

This is a hard one! I check out a lot of blogs and find them all to be different and unique. I like them all…and I’m constantly finding new blogs to check out.

Which part of the creating process do you like the most?

I love picking out fabrics and patterns.

Which part of the creating process do you dislike the most?

Binding, although I’m learning to like it more. By the time I get to binding I just really want the quilt to be finished so I can use it or give it away. I try to hand-bind all my quilts and I’m finding that it’s great to be lost in my thoughts while stitching away.

Favorite Adhesive: Don’t really have a favorite

Favorite Movie: Either The Princess Bride or The Goonies

Beverage of Choice: Water…maybe apple juice or Squirt

Sweet or Salty? Both!!!

Number 1 on your Bucket List: I’d like to have/adopt a baby


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And now I’m not going to make you wait any longer…

Three Trees


Click HERE to go to Around the Quilt Block’s website for instructions on how to create the next fabulous block in our quilt!

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  1. Thanks again for letting me participate in a fun quilt-along! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the block you made! =)


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