Project QUILTING – Ziggin & a Zaggin: A Closer Look, Part 2

Project QUILTING: Season 3, Challenge 6 - Ziggin & a Zaggin, a Closer Look, Part 2

1. Zigged When I Should'a Zagged, 2. Spring Training - by Ashley B for Project QUILITNG - Zig Zag Challenge, 3. zig zag scrappy, 4. Zig-zag beyond the quilt Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter:  JKGoldman

Zigged When I Should'a Zagged

Zigged When I Should'a Zagged21”X23”
Created in Washington, IL

I started by making a modified Convergence quilt. I added zig zag quilting with both a zig zag and a straight stitch. When looking closely at this quilt, one could see that my sewing machine got with the should’a zagged plan by skipping stitches on some of the zig zag quilting. I tried everything I could think of to make it stop but in the end I decided to go with the theme. I have really enjoyed making these challenge quilts and look forward to doing it again.

Quilter:  Ashley B

Spring Training

Spring Training - by Ashley B for Project QUILITNG - Zig Zag ChallengeI am calling my project "Spring Training."  I am headed to Phoenix this weekend to catch some baseball, and I figured I needed a warm weather shirt in the old school Brewers' colors to wear down there.  I used traditional zig zaggy pattern for the bust area, elastic on the back to make it a bit fitted and a  tie that can be worn as a halter or tied in the back tube top style.  I haven't quilted since middle
school, and it shows in my corners.  I just winged the whole top, only measuring out my squares for the quilted part.  I started this project by making the quilted portion without knowing what I was ultimately going to create.  After playing around with some different bag ideas, but decided I would probably get more use out of a top.  It is far from perfect, but it makes me happy!

I am proud to be a part of this great project, even though I only
finished this last challenge.  Oh, and I am crafting in the mountains
of Naches, Washington.

Quilter:  QuiltsbyLisa

zig zag scrappy

zig zag scrappyProject QUILTING, Season - 3, Challenge 6: Ziggin & a Zaggin

For this challenge I drew up a block that was a cross between a zig zag and a French braid. If the blocks are set side by side they make a nice neat zig zag. But by turning every other block upside down I think it makes a much more interesting pattern. I played around with colors until I came up with this arrangement. It's nice and scrappy with about 8 purple prints and about 15 of each of the other colors. It's quilted with lime green thread and has a fun print from IKEA on the back. This quilt is 42" x 64" and was made in Kentucky. I hate to see Project Quilting end as it has really been a fun and educational experience!


Quilter:  Becky’s Blabber

Ipod case

Project Quilting 6 Ipod caseI decided to make an ipod touch case for my zig zag quilt project. I first made the fabric using black fabric and zig zag stitches. Then, I cut out fabric and batting, 4.5 inches by 13 inches, made it into a quilt, then added Velcro, sewed the bottom into a pocket, the top into a flap, and a case was born! Made in Pendleton, Oregon. Thanks Kim, for such a fun time!!


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