Project QUILTING – Ziggin & a Zaggin: A Closer Look, Part 3

Project QUILTING: Season 3, Challenge 6 - Ziggin & a Zaggin, a Closer Look, Part 3 1. Project Quilting Challenge #6 mini mini quilt, 2. Zig Zagalicious, 3. Granny's Zig Zag- Front, 4. It's All in the Lines by Sharon S. in MI Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter:  Sally’s Angelworks

mini mini quilt

Spring Blessings Art CollageHere is my quilt for Project Quilting's Challenge #6! It was made to "hang" on a piece of clothesline art. I'm taking an art class with Junelle Jacobson right now called The Art of Wild Abandonment, so when this challenge came up, all I could think about was hanging that ziggy zaggy quilt on a clothesline to air out during this gorgeous spring weather.

I actually put a tutorial up on my blog with how to make this (or better, how NOT to make it! LOL!!) mini mini quilt. For the purposes of my art, I absolutely adore it. I used Sweetwater designs Hometown fabrics and even coordinated the little skirt that I "hung" on the clothesline with it!

I may not really be cut out to do intricate mini work, since my seams weren't all matching, but again, for my purposes, I love how it came out.

This quilt and project were made in Texas.
The quilt is approx 3"x4" and the whole piece of art is 12"x12".

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Quilter:  Quilting Lodge

Zig Zagalicious

Zig ZagaliciousIt took me forever to figure out what I was going to make for this challenge. I sketched for 2 days and couldn't come up with anything I liked. Then this design popped in my head so I went with it. It's an 18" x 40" table runner. My lovely teenage daughter helped with the name...Zig Zagalicious. I currently live in north Texas but I'm ready to move!

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Quilter: (more) perfect patchwork

Granny's Zig Zag- Front

Granny's Zig Zag- FrontThis is the granny square block that has been floating around the blogsphere. i thought it would look a bit more zig zaggy than it turned out, but i still like it. it is made with 2 inch squares. 
it is 9.5 inches square and was made in charlotte, nc for project quilting season 3, final challenge.



Quilter:  Sharon H-S

It's All in the Lines by Sharon S. in MI

It's All in the Lines by Sharon S. in MI

This is a pillow case for the Linus Project. I used my stash to make a bright colorful companion. The challenge was a change on zigzags. When I did my first zig zag quilt top (see "Zig Zag Inspiration" in previous photo), I realized it's all about the lines - which way they go and how important it is to get them in the right order. So for this challenge, I pulled out my striped fabrics and did them in a random pattern, mismatched corners and all. I appliquéd with red zig zag stitch and top stitched in red over the pillow case trim. I'm planning to make a matching quilt.


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