RAW Stimulus Show - Madison

Last Wednesday night I participated in a RAW Madison Show at Segredo’s.  It was AMAZING!  It was such a unique experience and I had a really good time doing it.  Not only did I get a new dress, new shoes, my hair done, a ‘night out’ with my hubby, but I got to meet and see some truly amazing artists.  rawstimulusmarch2012-49The musical entertainment was amazing – three different bands, a great DJ, and a dancer.  rawstimulusmarch2012-66I even saw my very first fashion show – so cool!  I really hope to attend one just as an observer at least once in the future and even be an artist again – maybe for my art quilts next time….hmmm…

Here are some of the photo’s that Angela Voell of Green Paint Photography took of me (head shots were part of being in the show and a video is being made too…I’ll be sure to post that as well)  and my booth:
rawstimulusmarch2012-52This is Samiera – the new Madison Area RAW director sporting a pair of my earrings! rawstimulusmarch2012-2-2Setting up my booth! rawstimulusmarch2012-2-95 rawstimulusmarch2012-2-96 rawstimulusmarch2012-2-135

Typewriter Rings rawstimulusmarch2012-2-136 rawstimulusmarch2012-2-137 Earringsrawstimulusmarch2012-2-138I used what I’m pretty sure are fruit crates to put my earring cards on.  Before the last Craftacular I spray painted them all with black chalkboard paint.  Now I can group the earrings by price and just mark with chalk on the display.   I think it’s been really nice for the buyers – they can see how much the earrings are before pulling them off the rack.  rawstimulusmarch2012-2-139 rawstimulusmarch2012-2-140 Coming soon to the Apple!  Eye Glass Necklaces!rawstimulusmarch2012-3-31 rawstimulus rawstimulus-2 There I am smiling!  I LOVE the picture above of me being serious but it’s so not who you see me as usually!  rawstimulus2-13 Another great thing about this show was getting to see my friends in a different than normal setting!rawstimulus2-22 I would love to go again just so I have a chance to chat and hang out a bit more with them next time!rawstimulus2-32 rawstimulusmarch2012-3-56You can see my set up in the back right… rawstimulusmarch2012-135 At the end of the night they had all the artists come to the front for picture.  Before this happened the models all joined us – as you can imagine they are all way taller than us so I just moved ahead and joined in the line!

Photography by Angela Voell of Green Paint Photography / http://www.greenpaintphotos.com/ On facebook: http://www.facebook.com/greenpaintphotos

And this picture was taken by another artist at the end of the night:
047Me and my hubby, Jared.  Jared is such a HUGE supporter of me!  He’s not a big fan of crowds but he still was by my side the whole night and helping me with whatever I needed.  he is truly amazing and I know I wouldn’t accomplish what I do without his encouragement and support!


  1. Cool --- thanks for sharing photos so we can see what it all was! So cool!
    Great to have a supportive husband! Isn't it wonderful? YES!


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