Sneak Peak – RAW Madison – STIMULUS Show

I’ve been really busy prepping for the STIMULUS Show I will be showing at tomorrow night.  (don’t forget to pre-buy your tickets and support artist ‘KimsCraftyApple’!)Kim LapacekI wanted to give you all some sneak peaks at what I plan on bringing – yes, I pre-set everything up before shows – it makes me calmer…

 522127_10151396750985543_726195542_23270922_1182845535_n I have some unique new cameo earrings…525077_10151396771045543_726195542_23271024_531946846_n fantabulous, fun shoe button cha cha rings533782_10151396750675543_726195542_23270918_118978565_n Mustache earrings!541715_10151396772650543_726195542_23271037_870268122_n  Hand dyed braided fabric bracelets embellished with wire and crystals.  542534_10151396749745543_726195542_23270911_740200799_n Of course – Typewriter Rings!549428_10151396749885543_726195542_23270914_711595918_n My necklaces and fabric bracelets will be hanging high – hopefully bringing lots of customers over…549879_10151396770000543_726195542_23271018_833855159_n Awesome black and white striped beaded bracelets accented with fresh water pearls550511_10151396766345543_726195542_23270998_921577269_n The bracelet tree!  And yes – it’s a bubble gum pink coat rack!554475_10151396766560543_726195542_23271000_21614399_n Fun new stretchy bracelets!

I’m sure I haven’t given you a peak at everything new I’ve created so I hope you come to the show, check out all the great artists on display, watch the fashion show, dance with the DJ and band, have a few drinks, and of course, come by and let me know what you think!

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