Block 15: Home Sweet Home Quilt Along – Home for Hoot from Samelia’s Mum

Now that the 3rd season of Project QUILTING has come to an end we’ll be getting the last of the blocks much quicker.  Before we get the 15th block I’m happy to share with you a bit more about our block designer, Anorina Morris from Samelia’s Mum


What is your crafting style?

I love semi-modern. Is that a style? I like using traditional design elements but using modern, bright, happy fabrics. I like A LOT of colour. I’m going through a little bit of hand quilting phase, so a lot of my current work is hand quilted.

How did you get started creating?

I started sewing/quilting about 3 years ago. I have 2 children. When they were both young (2 under 2) I needed something to occupy my mind (which wasn’t all about nappies and feeding).

My husband is friends with Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches and I just happened to see some of her photos on his Facebook page. Natalie’s stitcheries and designs captured my eye and imagination. I bought a few stitching patterns and magazines. I googled and you-tubed and before I knew it, I was hooked.

Do you have a favorite piece? clip_image002Why is it your favorite?

I love my StarFlower quilt. I was part of a Flickr bee and the members of my group, made some of the blocks. clip_image004

It is made with a traditional block, but it is bright. Very, very bright. I used Terrain by Kate Spain. I bordered it in spotty fabric – I love spots. Best of all, I look forward to snuggling with it as winter approaches.


What is your favorite crafty blog to follow/read?

One of my favourites is:


Which part of the creating process does you like the most?

Choosing the fabrics.

Which part of the creating process do you dislike the most?

Basting quilts. The most un-fun part of it all.

Favorite Adhesive: I use Vliesofix when I applique. Works well for me.

Favorite Movie:  The Notebook

Beverage of Choice:  Lemon, Lime & Bitters – I love the flavour combination.

Sweet or Salty? Sweet

Number 1 on your Bucket List:  Houston International Quilt Festival


Follow along with Anorina’s online endeavors with the following links:

Web site (My online fabric store):



Flickr Group

Twitter @sameliasmum


And without further adieu -

A Home for Hoot

(sneak peak)

Home for Hoot - Sneak Peek

Click HERE to go to Samelia’s Mum’s website for instructions on how to create the next fabulous block in our quilt!

Don’t forget to add your picture to the flickr group once it’s complete:

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