Monday Update

my familyI know I’ve been slacking on this blog lately so I’m going to do my best to at least post once a week. *try*

On the morning of my birthday party Cory of Friends in Photography came to the orchard and did a photo shoot of my family.  I’m only showing you three of the amazing pictures – to see more check out Cory’s Blog – The Lapacek Family

cedi me and capri  I love this photo Cory got of me with Cedi & Capri.  I wish Pip would have been cooperating at this point but she wanted nothing to do with us.Pip

I think this one is so sweet though!

What else went on last week?  WELL – we’re going to be having a garage sale at the orchard during apple blossom days (the first two weekends in May) so I decided it was time to go through the girls clothes.  The first step was to empty the closets and drawers so I could properly go through it all. After I did that I literally had a pile of clothes 4 feet high by 8 feet by 8 feet.  It was nuts!  I guess that’s what’s happens with 3 girls…

3 days later…

002Pip’s clothes.

I have decided that even though Cedi’s a bit taller than Capri, it’s time they share clothes.  so…001 Cedi & Capri’s – short sleeve and sleeveless shirts, 004long sleeve shirts,003  and of course – dresses and skirts.

And yes – they are coordinated by rainbow – of course!

I didn’t take any pictures but in one day I did the same to my closet – and yes – also coordinated by rainbow.

007Capri dressed herself the other day – I love her style!

 011and Pip is teaching herself how to play the harmonica.  Pip is on the MOVE!  She’s transformed from must being a walker to being a RUNNER!  Her two older sisters adore her and are good at watching what she’s getting into.  Another new thing we’ve been doing is Eskimo kisses.  At first she looked at me like, “What is this lady doing?” but now she looks away, smiles, and then brings her nose back to mine.  She’s just so sweet!  I cannot believe that she's going to be ONE on Saturday!  This year has just flown by!

Cedi and Capri have already started their Christmas lists. 


  • Table
  • Chair


  • Coziest Hoodie Ever


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